February 14, 2018


When it comes to favourite brands, it is Oreo, one of the long list. Its magical product that you can just eat as it is or crush it to any new food and beverage make it just perfectly awesome concoction, it never goes wrong. In the other hand, I always love their campaign and activity that truly makes me full of wonders.

Whenever people ask me about my most favourite campaign, it would be Oreo as the answer.

I still remember when my colleagues looked so serious while browsing through Blibli.com three months ago. I was just like, 👀  👀  👀  "Hmm.... working is already done, leh?" 👀  👀  👀  But I could not stand myself to not kepo to something that had captivated them.

Oh honey, it is Oreo they were looking at. Uhm. It was not your regular Oreo, precisely.

It was a holy colorfilled Oreo.

*price in February 14th

Who cares about the price? It is the coloring book with free pens AND FREE TOTE BAG, for people sake, I love that damn tote bag. The box is a double combo that simply sells, the best deal that customers can get. Come on, it only takes less than $6 to get that both tote bag and cute Happy Birthday box for you or your crush 🙊

My colleagues not only liked Oreo but they loved this colouring book. Instead of thinking of which Oreo's flavours (well, only one flavor available for one box, but they did not care anyway), one hundred percent sure my colleagues were interested more to choose which cutest box to add in the shopping cart. They even persuaded other working mode on colleagues to chip in to get that ---I told you---- cute tote bag, including me.

I was happy. My colleagues were happy. Everyone was happy and very expectant for this Oreo to arrive in our office.
Here is the complete campaign ad.

There was the coloring competition too?

This is The Winner!🆒 • Blibli Friends! Penasaran kan siapa yang menang di lomba mewarnai #IDOreoColorfilled #FunwithBlibli?😍😊 • Dan inilah para pemenangnya ya Friends! Congrats ya!👌🏻💁🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️🎉❤️✅ • @Linda.wang85 (Juara 1)- Menangin 1Handphone Samsung J7 Pro 32G @Brigitta.iko (Juara 2) - Menangin 1 Asus Zenpower Pro Powerbank with Bumper @Hnee_o,na (Juara 3) - Menangin 1 JBL Micro Wireless Speaker . Dan inilah para pemenang masing-masing 1 Mouse Logitech M238 Doodle Series: @ryh739 @Jasminbub @Hirotadaradifan @karooomi21 @Agathafelicia418 @Joseph_Reinaldo @Shintapaskasari • Untuk yang nggak menang jangan kecewa dulu ya, masih banyak event lain dari Blibli.com yang bisa kamu ikutin!😍😊 • Untuk para pemenang bisa di DM ya ke IG ini nama lengkap, email, no hape, akun Blibli.com kamu!😍💁🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️✅A post shared by Blibli.com (@bliblidotcom) on


It is not the first campaign for this innovative brand. Surfing through the internet, this colorfilled campaign actually has running since 2015.

And in 2017, the brand actually still had this campaign in China. Unlike in US where Oreo used to use its own microsite shop.oreo.com as the purchase point, the brand partnered up with Tmall and utilised its platform. Clever move, baby.


Campaign is well executed across countries. It is very versatile and greatly localised by the means of different ecommerce choice for each country, oh and also the Balinese girl, traditional music instrument and costume in Indonesia version box! Generally speaking, it is simply good and attractive for customers in every side of world, totally relevant with the young millennials who are crazy about this coloring book trend. Furthermore, the exclusive products are very accessible and exclusive through online. I bet you can not buy them in traditional stores. (The heck? Do you want to bring the printing guys inside Carrefour?)

Definitely one favourite campaign. 

Good news, Oreo Colorfilled is still available in Blibli. My birthday is still in July, but you know lah.

Questions, how much sales increase that is already happening during this campaign? How much left now to get the goal of growing Oreo's e-commerce revenue to $1 billion by 2020?

Happy Valentine's Day with Oreo.

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February 8, 2018


A well-spent evening at Ruci's Joint with my best friend, while also wondering about this blog post

Welcome 2018! It's been ONE YEAR since my last writing. Whaw. Please apologise.

One reason is simply my absence in the fashion industry. I have worked for company that is in branding/marketing field, quite far from fashion. No worries, I still have some love for fashion and art.

To be more productive is one of many resolutions that I have set this year. One is to reactive this little blog. I have working in other side of fashion for years and still found nowhere for my journey to be recorded, especially in this digital scape --- well, except Twitter. So, I decided to have a new article theme in this blog to convey my other craziness, like creative selling and entrepreneurship, and still counting, I guess, just a broader exciting topicTherefore, please don't mind if I would like to write some short (maybe long, if necessary :p) article about these new topics. I want to take my writing angle more than eyeing beauty but also the creative thinking, generating the idea that hopefully leads to a new and fresh perspective, in my dummy way. Haha.

In this era of vlogging, do you still want to write a blog?

BIG YES! One point why is because I prefer much not to be on-screen, lol.

Plus, I will continue my study (online learning, for the win) where I need to read and write more. I hope this blog can be a medium for me and you to learn, share, inspire more, and for sure, to connect.

That's all! See you in another post!


January 22, 2017


I looked back to my local fashion week archives and just like, oh! I still have some shows to be posted. This was Populo Batik from Bai Sumarlono. Love the motives, from triangles to herrings, which are definitely applicable to daily wear. Very chic and modern at the same time.

November 23, 2016


Have you seen Gigi Hadid's looks at AMAs? Such a living barbie doll! My most favorite looks are the cutout red Versace dress and the white Cavalli wedding dress!

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