February 5, 2016


Hi, guys! It's been rare for me to have some spare time to draw someone's face. It usually takes around four hours to illustrate one full-coloured face. However, I managed a very short time to draw this time, only two days in a row, and I was drawing not only one guy but three! Those two days include to wrap the illustration with black photo frame too. What a hard work it was, hahaha ;p

Who were in these illustrations this time? These are my seniors in my office. First picture is Mbak Meryl who will study abroad this year to Birmingham University (well, wishing a very good luck for her!). Second one is her husband, and third one is Mbak Sarah who's not only Mbak Meryl's cousin but also my senior in the office.

So, see you in another post!

Mbak Meryl
Mas Eka, Mbak Meryl's husband
Mbak Sarah

January 29, 2016


Taken from Zalora Indonesia

I am a sort of person who likes art. I enjoy painting so much that I really want to steal precious artwork from art exhibition. I really want to make the art more familiar in my life. I believe that art or painting can shape in the form of clothing or some other wide spaces. The art piece can be translated in various ranges of Indonesia traditional fabric that we wear daily, including batik.

I have one favorite batik brand, Danar Hadi it is. I have quite a lot of its blouses (so does my mother) with its exquisite batik motives, intricate yet smart colour block. My collection is on its more affordable clothing segment that its price range is less than Rp400.000 but it is fair enough to satisfy my style thirst. 

Recently, I had an occasion where I intended to buy souvenir for people. I was quite lost of what should I gave until I remembered that I knew there was Danar Hadi. One day, I and my family coincidentally were in vacation and we went to the store in Solo to buy other pieces of Danar Hadi's batik. The story continued until we reached the cashier place where those kinds of cute novelty did not have any mercy on the customers' eyes, specifically my eyes. 

What kind of novelties? You can say pouches in various types, coasters, tissue sheath, cushions, and many others in gorgeous batik pattern. So, as you can guess, I was confused to choose which ones to buy. And tadaaa, here they are!

Sorry for the post-notes! I tried to mark which pouch for each girl ;)
Hunting part 2, there was another green clutch too, too bad I didn't manage the time to capture it.
These pictures are belong to my friends pics ;)

It was quite a lot of shopping, wasn't it? These novelties just triggered my impulsive buying behaviour. I should say the batik pattern in those pouches were really beautiful and I could not resist to not buying almost all of them. They were perfect for souvenirs, I supposed. You can utilise them as make up case, pencil case, phone case or you can just put them on desk to beautify your view, hehehe... p.s. All pictures below belong to Danar Hadi. Enjoy :)

January 28, 2016


Here is the rest of the fashion show presented by Indonesia’s Curated Fashion Video Portal namely VISIONARE in the last day of IPMI Trend Show 2016. (See also Sav Lavin's work in the other post)



 LAISON by Aurelia Santoso 

December 30, 2015


Another sophisticated collection was presented in IPMI Trend Show 2016. Collaborating with Visionare, one of emerging and rising fashion labels, Sav Lavin brought its sophisticated yet futuristic looks like always. A line of monochrome sets of clothing and a little bit of shocking red were delivered in the red thread of traditional story within couture yet ready-to-wear collection. I am definitely in love with the all-black clothes, the colour-block tops and skirt below the shiny red jacket.

November 8, 2015


Apparently, waking up as a full-time office worker is not that easy. One thing that you should be conscious of every single morning is what you will wear the entire day and the early decision matters that much. Unless you have plenty money to spend on the whole large room to contain all your wardrobes that you don't have to think thousands times cause everything that you touch and see is fancy, you may should read this post thoroughly.

I love unique things, I do like bright, vibrant, Hawaiian patterns, quirky color blocks, studs. But ever since I have to change my wardrobe to something neater and more appropriate to "conventional", "universal" environment, I have to look for something more into it but I don't want it to be boring. Yes, who doesn't, anyway? So, let me show you my current favorite things, especially for tops, the one that can be suitable for your workplace (including if you are someone working for creative industry like magazine or agencies), with affordable price so you can get five items (or maybe six) for merely one million rupiahs. I obviously love great design with quality (have to be careful coz each brand has different quality) and keep my wallet thick in the other hand :p I would love to share my wishlist to you. Here we go!

The basic things which every woman has are the monochrome families. Grey, white, black are never out. Instead of basic and regular monochrome, I choose the collection that is effortlessly stylish even without putting your beautiful jewelries on. I love the stripes style on regular shirt with loose sleeves and with ribbon belt as well which will give you two different styles to go. You can also choose not-so-ordinary all-white and low V-neck colorblock blouses to be paired with short or long culottes. If you like, you can also choose the simple bag and the rice-based ring that make your appearance more stands out.

Blue is almost everybody's favorite color. All collections are plain blue but with almost unexpected design. Simple Ruffle Top that you can pair with Sasha Necklace, Ivory Sabrina Tops that you can be in a great team with slim long skirt with high slit for certain special occasion, Debria top with Bella necklace that can brings you simple cool look to hang out with friends after work or Mariam Top just to complete your high-neck collection pieces.

Yes, you can wear this collection in Friday or just to show your Indonesian pride in some meetings. I always love Danar Hadi, how they mix the batik color with modern, fresh and young nuance. Well, I would love to wear that Moretha Blouse Blue with some blue or navy bell-bottom trousers, Lady Red top with white or cream pants, Rosie Top with unique Aladdin pants. And you know what, I am now crazy about that UP shoes with love-shaped holes and red thin lines in which I think will work across pattern tops. Oh, if you have to wear any jewelry, the one with gold should elevate your look into a more glam and classy combo.

I always love bright-colored tops. I drooled for the Furlie top with that cute fur at bottom part, pair it with knee-length pleated skirt and the Something Borrowed's shoes. Dewi Kinasih top is a very simple piece but not so easy to match, maybe just regular black skinny pants, Leandra Neon shoes, other additional pieces in black to balance. Those Leandra Neon shoes will work with Ferosca Top too, wear white pants and let the colorful pieces shine! The Iva Embroidery Top is the love for Something Borrowed's shoes, pair them with full-beaded clutch to add the surprise.

(The prices and pictures are taken from each brand's website which was accessed on November 7th, 2015)