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July 23, 2014


Khanaan Shamlan
Ria Miranda

      The blog post about Moslem's wear still goes on. This time are coming from Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival 2014 that brought the alumni, Ria Miranda and Khanaan Shamlan to the stage. As usual, Ria Miranda's collection brought a pastel nuance with sakura motif printing in the dress. While Khanaan brought a retro collection where we could see any unique detail embedded in the collection.

All by Ria MIranda
1st-3rd pic from left: Ria Miranda. 4th pic: Khanaan Shamlan.
1st pic: Khanaan. 2nd pic: Ria Miranda.
All by Ria Miranda

July 22, 2014


      I'm not celebrating the Eid Mubarak but I join its crowd and happiness among people I love. Furthermore, since it is a few days left towards the Eid Mubarak, I know some of you may buy new clothes to celebrate the day. (I intend to buy one too :)) So, from this post until two posts ahead will speak about the Moslem wear inspiration by our beloved local fashion week. I hope you can be inspired enough to buy the perfect clothes to be worn in the celebration days.
       Shafira, a well-known Moslem's ready to wear label, joined Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 with the theme 'La Dolce Vita' or 'a sweet life'. The inspiration of the collection that had less more 50 pieces of clothes was the beauty of Italy, its architecture and culture. Overall, the collection was very colorful and super feminine. Take a look to few of Shafira's collection below!