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April 7, 2015


      I can't be more proud of my Indonesian fashion designers who are successfully walking into the international fashion runway. Let's say Toton Januar with his magic hands turned every fabric coming to real life in Tokyo Fashion Week 2015. The collection was inspired by Bali sculpture, batik Tumpal from Central Java and Dayak tattoo pattern shaped by with embroidery, tassels, and metal beads. All embellishments were embedded into very beautiful pieces of art and clothing all at once. With those great proportions and riveting detail on the neutral colour palette, once again I bet, Toton has stolen the audience attention.

Pictures taken from Japan Fashion Week, Fashionsnap.com, and various sources.

April 1, 2015


      I think there was no cooler Saturday I've ever had besides coming to the fashion show of the newest Sapto Djojokartiko's ready to wear label, Todjo, in a rush, was scared to be late. However, I made it to come to the show since it was started a little bit late from schedule. The guests were firstly served by some sweet treats, delish cake and pastry and jazzy songs that spoiled us.
      Nothing was really different between that afternoon Todjo collection and other Sapto's amazing works despite its more affordable pricing. The collection style was still reflecting the great workmanship of the designer. The fabric flew flawlessly all the way with those lace and transparent fabrics. The colour tones were very soft and strong going well with the big curly hair that was absolutely beautiful. At the end, it was the same beauty, the same glamour, and the same elegance sparkling within every piece of goddess-like dresses. I was really having a great time.

Captured by Fahmy Haryandi