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January 28, 2015


Chanel Haute Couture 2016 - Taken from Vogue.it

      Hello guys. Long time no see. Maybe it is not too late to say "Happy new year 2015"? (since it is still January, anyway).
      What a hectic days in the beginning of the year. It is countless: what things I've been missing in the entire fashion industry. Lol. I merely can do blog and my other delight in my spare time (and office spare time if I have) but I promise to you and to myself to keep them running. There are a lot of unpublished post material in my laptop, such us the remaining photos of IPMI Trend Show 2015 and the last week Pilgrimage exhibition by Didi Budiardjo. I intend to post my latest artwork too very soon.
      My little sister is coming home for weeks for her college holiday so my job is certainly taking her to hang out and to fatten her hahaha... So yeah I have my holiday filled with hang-out thing. Added with the small reunion group with my high school friends or just to see exhibition. Even I can barely touch my brand new laptop :'( (please pardon my cockiness)
      So, please patiently wait!

January 7, 2015


       Ethnic pieces are not always boring nor old-fashioned. However, it can be a stylish statement style that everybody certainly can wear. 
      I'm still amazed of what Danny Satriadi did to his latest ready to wear collection, Arkamaya, at Bazaar Fashion Festival 2014. "Novelty of Chuba" was the theme of the show that inspired by Tibetian Architectural shape and colorful design. Shades of carnation pink, rosewood, canary yellow and aero blue were in soft and calming tones. The fabric materials include Batik Cirebon and other batik made by cotton matched by Dobi woven, linen, non-machine woven (Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin) viscose and Central Java's Batik Lurik. In the end of the show, Danny Satriadi presented three dresses with more complex design which were perfect to end the show.
      The ready to wear's vibrant and dynamic colors were so interesting yet the modern design completed all perfection. In addition, the mix and match was closely perfect. It was very pleasant to watch the show.
      I love the repeated beading in the reddish jacket which is also my favorite piece. The blue mini dress with white long sleeved shirt underneath are so gorgeous. For yellow pieces, the yellow mini dress looking like skort with mandarin collar is epic.