March 30, 2012


           Last Sunday I came to one of biggest event at campus, a Japan favor one, Animaku No Hibi 3. This event was consisted of lot of bazaar and competition. I never went into a Japan’s culture event like this before, but first time I arrived here, I really wanted to stay here enjoyed the show or just went around.
There were many booths here include food and accessories booths. Because I’m a food lover, I immediately visited several heaven food booths. I really wanted to buy every single food and beverages here, since the price was not so affordable for me and I didn’t want to have my stomach exploded, I just bought dorayaki, udon and takoyaki. Honestly, I’m not such a Japanese food lover but I thought they were quite delicious to eat. Barely believing dorayaki was tasted like kue pukis. Kue pukis is more delicious, I judged.
Uh, well I visited a ghost house too and queued sooooo long in a line. I waited for forty five minutes with Anis and Indah. It is not a short time, isn’t it? We got bored and almost left the game. The ghost house was creepy like other ghost house. The different was you knew one of the ghosts (perhaps all the ghosts) was your friend. I knew one of my buddy took a part job as an actor here. Even, Indah told me she was offered to be the ghost too. HAHA. (would be epic if she were trapped in a ghost suit). But still, it was successfully scared me cos the darkness was frightening. (if it wasn’t maybe I’d kick the ghost hihi… *evil grin*)
Before I went home, I watched takoyaki competition too. Yup, to win it you have to eat (I guess) five balls of takoyaki as soon as you can and compete with other participants. I couldn’t imagine how hard the competition was because the takoyaki with octopus’ dice slice inside was very hot, it was directly taken from the stove or just (very) cooked. I ate hot takoyaki for fifteen minutes myself and had my tongue almost dead for two days-____-
            Couple days ago, a friend of mine, Mamet taught me how to crop in photoshop. (Hahaha, just get the light of photoshop&friends :p) I tried it at home and edited some pictures of people who joined cosplay competition in Animaku No Hibi. You should see my first work below. It is not too pretty yet. Hehehe :D

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