March 23, 2012


          Lately, I was very busy I couldn’t update my blog. College thing and my music thing distracted me. Hahaha if you ask me what my music thing is, I’ll warn you, it is not such a big thing except for my church service. I can’t say I’m a keyboardist because I’m not a good one. I haven’t my real own band. I just have a little talent I want to improve. Thank God He gives me that.

            Last week maybe was one of my most hectic weeks ever. I had different performances on Saturday and Sunday. Yup I took a job as a keyboardist. Even it was almost always free for fee, I like to call it as a job. I always try to give my most professional performance either in practice or in the stage due to music lesson I’ve ever learned. I’m neither an advanced nor intermediate musician. I admit I’m a beginner one.
            As we know, thing we have planned often doesn’t work well. My performances embrace it too. As the example, I and my friend do a really good job when we practice for band but at the day the sound system ruins it. We play the songs beautifully but the audience can’t hear it loudly. Worse case, the sound system works only for the audience so they can hear but the band doesn’t hear what they do play on so they play with feeling. So, awkward.
            Being angry and disappointed is the only thing I feel in my heart. I can’t blame the person I think the most mistaken one. Sound system man and band, we’re partner literally. I just keep it and relax myself for a while. Also I reward myself for doing my part best even I know the result has ruined.
If you do something to pleasure someone and thing doesn’t work well, you’ll be disappointed. But if you do it for God to pleasure Him, whatever the result is, you’ll be still grateful.
About college thing, yes, who is not busy about college. Regular class, social activity and events can’t be separated in college student’s life, include me. Actually, I don’t join any group in campus officially. Regular class and music practicing have been keeping me busy since two weeks ago I entered the fourth semester.
Last year, I joined one of my college event, STAN AWARDS category: Best in Art. Luckily, I was in top five! I picked two of my oil paintings to enter it. Okay actually I never paint with oil media. I used to draw in my file paper or drawing book. So, they are experiments and they work well. Hahaha…

Flyers were spread and glued around campus :))

Top Fivo!! Me and other candidates

            I was extremely excited grinned widely to know my name was printed here!
            As I told you, I sent two paintings. Both of them are oil paintings on canvas. Lemme tell you what do they look like with pleasure.

First painting ever!

The title is Selamat Datang. This is my first painting made in 2010, January 1st. It was made on canvas 35x25 cm, a small one rite? Yup, I don’t want to be failed in my first painting. It tells about a people who welcome guest in their place. They wear Indonesia’s traditional dress. I dunno what I exactly drew on their dresses. But I think the girl wears Bali’s dress and the boy wears… err… is it Madura’s dress? I don’t think so. Hahaha. Tell me if you think you know its right region.

Second painting

            It is Wanita Tropis Pecinta Bunga. It is painted on June 22nd in the same year as the first painting. The story behind this 40x30 cm of canvas is a woman who plays around and finds a garden which is fulled by flowers. This woman who has an exotic and tropical in her pretty face spares her time to play and enjoy with the flower, root and leaf. Her favorite flower is white and red flower. She stares it for a while and puts the root in her fingers. She imagines the flowers move and bloom fast in the same time she sees them cos she can’t wait too long.
She’s looked so happy isn’t she? :)
            I never expect to win anything with these two buddies till I became the runner up of STAN AWARDS, with my other (little) paintings of course.
            The last one, I forget the exact date I made it. But I know it is painted in 2011 on 50x40 cm canvas.

Third painting

            A traditional kingdom princess just grows up and leaves her teenager periods. She likes to wear little red dress before little black dress booms up. She likes to sit on her high feet chair with her two loyal maids. Her maids are ready anytime to serve anything she needs and asks. She is a very spoiled girl. In that time, the maids are helping their majesty to make up her in her room. They are bringing her most favorite black shoes and blue comb. She is combing her long and straight black hair herself. She is looked so happy to make herself up because it is a special day. She knows that she will meet a prince, her future man from another kingdom. Yes, she is matched by her father as the king also her single parent because the queen was dead since she was a baby. But it is okay because it is her first time to start a relationship she never faces before. She seldom goes out the palace to see the civil and seldom meets man beside her father and her old troops so she never falls in love with anyone. She’s very wishing the guy she’ll meet today would be her first love.
            What she doesn’t know is one of her loyal maids is her real mother…
           It’s Untitled. I really wanna people who see this can interprete with their own thought what it does mean before they know the story behind it. I’m really happy if people can tell the other side story when see my Untitled, when see the story richness of this painting content.
            I really want to start painting again sometime. See ya!

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