March 14, 2012


            I forgot to introduce myself after posted my last two posts. Hehehe!
Welcome to my new blog. I’m Christie. From now, I want to start blogging about what I’m thinking and craving about. I’m sorry for my English grammar mistakes. I’m still learning. At least, I just wanna share my post to you, to the entire world.
Let’s go to the point.
It was sad to know that holiday will be over. But it was happy too to meet every happy face in the first day class as always. Yup, my more-less three weeks college holiday already met its end. Firstly, I want to thank God for his kindness, He gave me such a pretty good IP (Indeks Prestasi) Hehe:) Secondly, I want to share some stuffs I currently read.

 Gogirl! Magazine, Indonesia Mengajar and Hermes Temptation.
Wish I could finish them in a month

I know I’m not a type of book reader person. I often get bored to read book with no picture inside. (except the magazine, you can count it as a book too rite?) But when I saw these books, I was so interested to read them. I bought ‘em after two hours of reading the same book in the bookstore.
            About Gogirl!, after I read it I just got inspiration. I drew my dress sketch based on Gogirl!’s issue: BRITAIN! Yes, it is all about Britain. I took Union Jack as one of the patterns, modificated bearskin (high black hat) as the royal hat, and of course the colors of the flag, blue, red, white (modificated into grey) and black to neutralize these wonderful colors!


            They're pretty, aren't they? :) 
            Lately, I just found a fashionable blog made by 12nd y o girl. Curious? Let's check The Cremme De La Crop
            Have a nice day!

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