April 10, 2012


            Fesbudnus which is known by Festival Budaya Nusantara is an event presented by STAN’s (Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara) student that shows Indonesia’s culture mostly from Sabang until Merauke. I can say that Fesbudnus is a mini Indonesia which celebrates its culture richness. It’s like a diorama with huge meaning: proud to be Indonesian.
            Booths and stage with Indonesia’s element were prepared outdoor. The sun shone brightly at 1 p.m. when I came here but the curious visitors who came kept increasing and filled the area up. They saw the performances on the stage like Indonesia’s traditional dance or other traditional performances presented by STAN’s student. While the performance went on, the visitors could walk around the booths too. The booths visualized every student’s region’s culture. STAN’s student came from all over Indonesia and automatically brought their own culture, like mostly seen, regional language that is different one to another. But we don’t have to worry to communicate because bahasa Indonesia unites us.
            At these uniquely-designed-booths, we could just ask some question about their province/region culture or see some art work too to be sold cheaply like handicraft, traditional food and beverages, also different traditional fashion all over Indonesia which is so unique, very beautiful and magnificent. One of my dream is going over Indonesia, learning about Indonesia’s kain (fashion) and lifting them up so that the world can see Indonesia more and more again. Who’s with me? :))


mey manurung! said...

ehhh, ada poto saya ngebatik. royalti nya tieee

Marsela Christie said...

Hahahah! :D