April 27, 2012


There’s a simple thing that always makes you happy. Example, I like being called by Christie, my nick name, honestly rather than Marsela although it’s okay too if there’s someone who calls my first name. But I’d be really happy if they call me my nick name because it feels like we are closer. Other example, call me crazy or not, I like if someone assumes where place I came from. Hahahah… I almost meet no one who can guess the exact place. Mostly, they said that I’m a chinese, betawinese (is it the right noun?), bataknese, manadonese, muka-anak-gaul-nese (?) Yes, the last one is the most absurd one. Hahahahah… I tell you I’m a pure javanese :) *my official statement*
Other thing makes me happy is coming to Pringgandana, a musical drama event presented by a community named Sanggar Budaya Nusantara at STAN last Sunday (I have told you my campus has so many events, haven’t I?) The crowd here was so busy because the audience was very excited to watch the show. They repeatedly gave applause for the stunning performance. My friends and I who sat together in the fourth line were stunned too with the show. The show opened our eyes widely cos we couldn’t take ours off from 7.30 till 9.30 pm.
Pringgandana is a musical drama and (I think) it is the same way as Broadway (in Indonesia verse) :p The show depicts an epic love story mixed with traditional dances in Indonesia. I barely don’t know Indonesia has these amazing traditional dances yet the dress is so cool, even I think,  perhaps I can mix them so they can be worn as a daily wear one.
Well, I made a short video about Pringgandana. You can see the video below. I made it with AVS cos my movie maker is broken. And why there’s a banner in the middle of the video screen… Grawwwhhh…. I don’t know how to repair it since I just installed it three days ago from my friend and he didn’t know how to solve it too. The most important thing, you can watch the video, rite? :D

Me and Mey takes a photo with one of the Pringgandana’s casts Dursawala (or the heck is it Dursawaka? I forget, prefer to call it Dursawala hihihi)

King Kusumawijaya and Dewi Pusparatri with their two pretty maids of honor 

with one of Bali’s dancer also our classmate, Ayu


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marschristie said...

P.S: the evil king's name is mistakenly written as Dursawala. Dursaloka is the right one
thanks :)