May 19, 2012


                Hello! It has been a very long time since my last post. I just finished my middle test few days ago and had hectic days. Middle test consumed my time a lot. So now, here I am!
                Lately, I face some fraternity problem that pesters me. It turns me into a monster seriously. I lie, I dress messy and I do other bad things. It often infuriates me because I’m never being a good friend. I’m fed up of myself. I think I should go out somewhere and chill my mind out.
              Therefore, I instill the anger into something positive and let the negative get out. I don’t want to overwhelm myself into this case too long. I try to forgive myself first then forget the problem. I emphasize myself that there’s no need to cry and being baffled of what happened to me and my friend. I already talked to my friend and my friend said it was just okay. See, maybe the problem is just me who deny the okay-ness of everything and have many unnecessary thinking.
                So, I rip off the perplexed feeling and retrieve it by drawing something on my paper. By collecting pieces of asymmetrical side, I try to make some shape of dress I want. The hair is inspired when I draw randomly in the middle of English test. Hahaha… And some dresses are inspired from my favorite site, Fashion Gone Rogue. I also create dress with shoulder pads and popped collar element. I wish you enjoy the dresses. Which one’s your favorite? Mine is the last one :)

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