May 26, 2012


          You know, being not connected to internet connection is often saddening. About four days, my nine years old personal computer is affected by virus. It means I can’t access the connection since I have no modem instead. When I push the turn on button, it starts well nevertheless its desktop doesn’t appear and bog down. It happens maybe because I don’t update the antivirus regularly. Then, to fulfill my browsing needs, I went to public internet closest to my house (or warnet lah yaa in Indonesia hahaha) and just paid for 2000 rupiahs for an hour. Quite cheap huh? But it’s not worthy with the convenience. I merely spent about half of an hour till I walked out from there. Cigarettes smoke crippled my chest. It was really uncomfortable oppose the good benefit of public service. So, please not to smoke in public place. For a better life, a better world, a better us, rite?
              Back to the topic.
 I want to introduce you a friend of mine, a little girl from my neighborhood. I don’t know exactly how old she is, maybe four or five years old. She is so cute. She is also a half African and Indonesian. She likes to come to my house and play around with my family. She’s Ayana. The talk active Ayana likes to wear cute outfit too. The core of this long description is that I like the way she dressed. Hahaha... Her mother and grandma are so creative they make her daily style so effortless yet chic. I took a few photos of her outfit. By the way, I didn’t ask her mother permission yet to upload her photos to my blog. Hahaha so sorry… So, what are we waiting for? This is Ayana :)

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