May 3, 2012


            I imagine how black dress that identically directs to a funeral can be worn by a bride. Hmm... I reflect an image where we can marry outside, especially in the garden. Everyone wears mostly in black yet they wear a happy and cheerful face expression instead. The stuffs are gradation of black and little touch of grey and white. Even the wedding cake shall be black, maybe it is made from super delicious and sweet  ketan item… yuuummmm!!!
            Out of topic. Hahahaha.
           Last week, I drew wedding dress, black one. I made it in the middle of class, broke the boredom there. My classmates who saw me being busy kept asking why its color is black. Yeah dude, because white is too mainstream :)

             P.S: pictures beside the wedding dresses are taken from flickr


IFA Athirah said...

those dresses are pretty!!

Marsela Christie said...

they are. thank you Ifa :)

Amelia Wirna said...

christie.. that was a hot wedding dress i've ever see :D