June 30, 2012


         Cultural Heritage of Jateng for Indonesia by Teknologi Jasa dan Produksi Faculty student of Universitas Negeri Semarang (Unnes) at Auditorium kampus Sekaran, Unnes, Semarang on June 26th, 2012 was held as a participation to preserve the culture and products of Central Java beside to success visit Jateng 2012.
          Many costumes from batik clothes elevating cultural heritage in Central Java were displayed by models on the catwalk. For example, the icon Semarang, Tugu Muda applied to a gown of batik. Then, not only buildings, natural resources such as plants Parijoto of Muria area could become a work of elegant and beautiful dress. In this event, student of class 2009 and 2011 transfer also showcased special cuisine of several regions in Central Java. Jamu Jun, cassava creation in lumpia, nasi liwet bakar bambu, wedang ronde, tahu aci and many more. In addition, they performed other shows such as juggling bottle, cooking performance and percussion performance.
          Another eye-candy I successfully found! Hahaha..

June 29, 2012


          Wuooww... I just accidentally found this article at online news - viva life. The place where this fashion show held was in a shopping place in Madiun, East Java on June 25th, 2012. What an amazing work of art it is. The dress is all made from newspaper! Earnestly it is so pretty enough rite? Makes me remember the meat dress by Lady Gaga. Well, it won't be roasted like Gaga's but you can't wear it under the rain of course or you want to be naked instead hihihihi :p

June 27, 2012


        I always want to upload Ayu Dewi's marriage dress into my blog. (as you know, Ayu Dewi is a famous celebrity and presenter in Indonesia who is married by Regi Datau) Dunno why, her Gorontalo dress is very unwaveringly stunning and cool attracts me so much. Maybe some of you ever saw the dress. So, here it is...

June 19, 2012


        Yesterday, when I did the same routinity, I found something interesting in my facebook timeline. Guess what my strike was. Someone has uploaded his photos of Budaya Nusantara (Archipelago Culture) class moment. I surreptitiously clicked on his album and saw all of them. Hahaha... It was not earnestly about I am nosy but I can't refrain my self not to open some stuff smelled of culture. You know that I do feel head over and infatuate about traditional thing so far.
         So, the class (quoted from Kitty, one of the suspect hihihi) is presentating the culture of Minahasa, North Sulawesi and Ambon, Maluku. They're acting a drama and dancing the traditional dance named Katreji from Ambon. The pink and white outfit itself comes from Minahasa.
       Kitty further acknowledges it was really fun to have Mrs. Woro's class that day eventho the preparation to demonstrate the show was really complicated. She and her group had to make a perseverance from renting the costume, buying the traditional food and doing some dancing exercises.
          I merely assume where they got the outfits. My inkling: maybe somewhere in bridal and make up stall. Hahahaha! Perhaps I'll rent the outfit at the same stall as soon as I get the same lesson next semester.
          About the permission to upload the photos, I just asked Kitty hehehe... and she said yes :D
          I can't wait to have this lesson next semester!!!
          P.S: Kitty is the only girl wearing glasses B-)

with the famous and legendary lecturer, Mrs. Woro


          I just find this sketch accidentally when I tidy up my room. In that meantime, a batik blazer (or a kind of that) was existed in my wish list. The theme of the outfit can be either black&white or androgyny in batik. I match the blazer with flat neck t-shirt and long white pants. The bag is also in batik. Shoes? Just pick white and black ones. What do you think?

June 18, 2012


         Reblogged from fashion gone rogue.
          Finishing Touch – For its summer issue, Chinese publication ROGUE enlists the talent of artist Jo Bird to illustrate a fashion story full of colorful summer attire, with styling by fashion editor Charlotte De Vos. Jo’s charming art work features a cast of perfectly coiffed models finding just the right thing to wear in chic illustrations of garments and accessories from the collections of Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Christian Louboutin, Salvatore Ferragamo, Yves Saint Laurent, Jason Wu, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Alexander McQueen among many others.

June 17, 2012


                I’m coming back! Yeay!
               Firstly before we go to the main topic, I want to flaunt you something. Last week I got an invitation for Eddy Betty’s fashion show. It was titled by Imperata Nomadechic that was supported by Harpers Bazaar. Eddy Betty is a fashion designer whose dress once was worn by Dian Sastrowardoyo at Cannes Film Festival 2012. I was soooo excited you know, since I realize watching a fashion show is very fun. Beyond the luck that I received, I tried hard to get the invitation. I had to join a quiz to get the free invitation on twitter and I was happy finally I did it.
             Unfortunately, yeah, the free tix had to be taken so adequately far faaaaarrrr away (from my house) in the day before the show. It was located differently from Ritz Carlton, place that held Imperata Nomadechic. I wish I could plead to take the invitation on the spot. The conclusion was I didn’t watch the show.
                The good news is I still could see the show by online streaming at Ghiboo site.
                Going to the main topic.
              I really love Batik. Last week I did learn how to draw details in batik. I googled some example and mixed it with my taste. The result is not pretty enough but I’m quite satisfied. I hope I can learn more and more from other traditional material from Indonesia because it is indeed very interesting.



June 16, 2012


                I fumbled the first time I started to watch America’s Next Top Model. Maybe, it was when I was in first/second grade of senior high school. The first cycle that I watched was cycle 15 whom the winner was Ann Ward. I was flabbergasted for the series and fell in love with the super awkward Ann. Starting from that, I’m frankly continuing following ANTM until now.
                You have to know my most favorite ANTM’s winner is Ann Ward from cycle 15. Hehehe :) I like Molly from cycle 16 too albeit her not very good personality. Krista from cycle 14, I love her too. I really want to know other  cycle winners . Hence, I plan to watch all cycle of ANTM to spend my next holiday.
                Oh, I almost forget to congratulate the latest winner of ANTM from cycle 18, Sophie Sumner! Congrats girl!
                Actually, I don’t have any contestant I love the most at this cycle. As the initiation, I suppport Azmarie and Laura. Since the androgyny Azmarie has to be eliminated, I just have Laura as the nominee. But as the time goes by, Sophie and Laura have a balance potential to win. I love Sophie’s benevolent personality and her walk eventho I insist Laura has the better photoshoot and vice versa.

Sophie Sumner

                I taken aback when I know Tyra dismissed the contract of Jay Manuel, Nigel Barker and J. Alexander as ANTM judges. I like them much. Their suggestion and criticism are very useful for the model even for the viewers like me. I’m devastated cos I can’t listen to theirs again in the next cycle. I wish Rob Evans and celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek who were recently announced as the new judges, along with Tyra Banks and Kelly Cutrone are really worthed to replace the wits of these three awesome judges.

June 4, 2012


          This time I’ll show you a sighting of my latest work. I’m inspired by a metamorphose process that we can find in biology book. I googled much to find any references then modified them into a dress. I was so impressed about metamorphose especially the holometabola because they can turn themselves from ugly into pretty phase. It is awesome , isn’t it?
          Actually, I intended to join a competition with this sketch. The competition category is ready to wear dress sketch with neon color. I showed my work to my sister and both of us agreed that it is almost unready to wear with no much neon hahaha...
          Maybe I’ll join the competition with another sketch.
          So, this is the sketch :)
          It is always annoying to have fly flies around you or your food or when you are not taking bath yet. Therefore, you will not categorize it as a pretty animal, will you? Hahaha... But when I browsed some source from google, I found an interesting shape and color of certain fly species. I fell in love with it so I took it as my inspiration.


         When I searched about frog’s egg and saw it in a glance, I just said, “Euwhhh....” Hahaha... It is really disgusting to see a group of wet tiny egg you know. Okay, I’m trembled myself now.
          I turn the egg into something embroidery in my dress. (okay, or somewhat like that. I know it is a must to know material for dress making -__-) But, it is cute enough, isn’t it? Hehe :D
          What do you think about the dress, is it look alike lizard than frog huh? Yeah I do think so. But I emphasize you it is a frog. Indeed. It is inspired by a frog that has amazing and beautiful blue legs. I forget the name of its species. But, it is so pretty. Thank God for creating the blue frog.

          What animal firstly does burst out from your mind when you hear about metamorphose? For me, it is butterfly. Yes, this dress visualizes the itinerary of butterfly from egg till grown up beautiful butterfly that is indeed unconventional, solid and intensely beautiful.

     I want to say thank you to one of my classmate, Defian who took a role as my editor and gave me some good suggestion for the dress. Well Def, we should go deeper in this industry hahaha!
     Which one is your favorite? Let me know, give a comment below this post.
     Merci beaucoup c:

June 2, 2012



Hello! How are you all? :D
These are some eye-candies I already collect from JFFF 2012. I was dilligent, I cropped the photos one by one and combined them into a photo. Hehehe… I like almost all of the dresses so it is useless to see them myself without sharing to you. More complete pictures, visit JFFF site :)
P.S: my favorite dress marked by little love picture


FLORES by Stephanus Hamy

APPMI Mini Show by Malik Moestaram

APPMI Moeslem Wear INTO THE FUTURE by Dian Pelangi

Pusaka by Defrico Audy



FLOR DEL AMOR by Sally Koeswanto

HEIRLOOM by Cita Tenun Indonesia feat Didi Budiardjo

HEIRLOOM by Cita Tenun Indonesia feat Priyo Oktaviano






Kebersamaan di Dalam Keberagaman by Singkawang Kalimantan Barat

KILIMOLOGY by Denny Wirawan


IPMI Mini Show `ETHNICCENTRIC` by Ghea Panggabean

SECRET GARDEN by Hengki Kawilarang


URBAN LADY by Votum by Sebastian Gunawan & Cristina