June 17, 2012


                I’m coming back! Yeay!
               Firstly before we go to the main topic, I want to flaunt you something. Last week I got an invitation for Eddy Betty’s fashion show. It was titled by Imperata Nomadechic that was supported by Harpers Bazaar. Eddy Betty is a fashion designer whose dress once was worn by Dian Sastrowardoyo at Cannes Film Festival 2012. I was soooo excited you know, since I realize watching a fashion show is very fun. Beyond the luck that I received, I tried hard to get the invitation. I had to join a quiz to get the free invitation on twitter and I was happy finally I did it.
             Unfortunately, yeah, the free tix had to be taken so adequately far faaaaarrrr away (from my house) in the day before the show. It was located differently from Ritz Carlton, place that held Imperata Nomadechic. I wish I could plead to take the invitation on the spot. The conclusion was I didn’t watch the show.
                The good news is I still could see the show by online streaming at Ghiboo site.
                Going to the main topic.
              I really love Batik. Last week I did learn how to draw details in batik. I googled some example and mixed it with my taste. The result is not pretty enough but I’m quite satisfied. I hope I can learn more and more from other traditional material from Indonesia because it is indeed very interesting.



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