June 19, 2012


        Yesterday, when I did the same routinity, I found something interesting in my facebook timeline. Guess what my strike was. Someone has uploaded his photos of Budaya Nusantara (Archipelago Culture) class moment. I surreptitiously clicked on his album and saw all of them. Hahaha... It was not earnestly about I am nosy but I can't refrain my self not to open some stuff smelled of culture. You know that I do feel head over and infatuate about traditional thing so far.
         So, the class (quoted from Kitty, one of the suspect hihihi) is presentating the culture of Minahasa, North Sulawesi and Ambon, Maluku. They're acting a drama and dancing the traditional dance named Katreji from Ambon. The pink and white outfit itself comes from Minahasa.
       Kitty further acknowledges it was really fun to have Mrs. Woro's class that day eventho the preparation to demonstrate the show was really complicated. She and her group had to make a perseverance from renting the costume, buying the traditional food and doing some dancing exercises.
          I merely assume where they got the outfits. My inkling: maybe somewhere in bridal and make up stall. Hahahaha! Perhaps I'll rent the outfit at the same stall as soon as I get the same lesson next semester.
          About the permission to upload the photos, I just asked Kitty hehehe... and she said yes :D
          I can't wait to have this lesson next semester!!!
          P.S: Kitty is the only girl wearing glasses B-)

with the famous and legendary lecturer, Mrs. Woro


Sri Efriyanti Az-zahra Harahap said...

Sangat suka dengan foto-fotonya.
Sepertinya kegiatannya seru ya ^^

Nice post ^^

Marsela Christie said...

trimakasih :))