June 30, 2012


         Cultural Heritage of Jateng for Indonesia by Teknologi Jasa dan Produksi Faculty student of Universitas Negeri Semarang (Unnes) at Auditorium kampus Sekaran, Unnes, Semarang on June 26th, 2012 was held as a participation to preserve the culture and products of Central Java beside to success visit Jateng 2012.
          Many costumes from batik clothes elevating cultural heritage in Central Java were displayed by models on the catwalk. For example, the icon Semarang, Tugu Muda applied to a gown of batik. Then, not only buildings, natural resources such as plants Parijoto of Muria area could become a work of elegant and beautiful dress. In this event, student of class 2009 and 2011 transfer also showcased special cuisine of several regions in Central Java. Jamu Jun, cassava creation in lumpia, nasi liwet bakar bambu, wedang ronde, tahu aci and many more. In addition, they performed other shows such as juggling bottle, cooking performance and percussion performance.
          Another eye-candy I successfully found! Hahaha..

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