June 16, 2012


                I fumbled the first time I started to watch America’s Next Top Model. Maybe, it was when I was in first/second grade of senior high school. The first cycle that I watched was cycle 15 whom the winner was Ann Ward. I was flabbergasted for the series and fell in love with the super awkward Ann. Starting from that, I’m frankly continuing following ANTM until now.
                You have to know my most favorite ANTM’s winner is Ann Ward from cycle 15. Hehehe :) I like Molly from cycle 16 too albeit her not very good personality. Krista from cycle 14, I love her too. I really want to know other  cycle winners . Hence, I plan to watch all cycle of ANTM to spend my next holiday.
                Oh, I almost forget to congratulate the latest winner of ANTM from cycle 18, Sophie Sumner! Congrats girl!
                Actually, I don’t have any contestant I love the most at this cycle. As the initiation, I suppport Azmarie and Laura. Since the androgyny Azmarie has to be eliminated, I just have Laura as the nominee. But as the time goes by, Sophie and Laura have a balance potential to win. I love Sophie’s benevolent personality and her walk eventho I insist Laura has the better photoshoot and vice versa.

Sophie Sumner

                I taken aback when I know Tyra dismissed the contract of Jay Manuel, Nigel Barker and J. Alexander as ANTM judges. I like them much. Their suggestion and criticism are very useful for the model even for the viewers like me. I’m devastated cos I can’t listen to theirs again in the next cycle. I wish Rob Evans and celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek who were recently announced as the new judges, along with Tyra Banks and Kelly Cutrone are really worthed to replace the wits of these three awesome judges.

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