June 4, 2012


          This time I’ll show you a sighting of my latest work. I’m inspired by a metamorphose process that we can find in biology book. I googled much to find any references then modified them into a dress. I was so impressed about metamorphose especially the holometabola because they can turn themselves from ugly into pretty phase. It is awesome , isn’t it?
          Actually, I intended to join a competition with this sketch. The competition category is ready to wear dress sketch with neon color. I showed my work to my sister and both of us agreed that it is almost unready to wear with no much neon hahaha...
          Maybe I’ll join the competition with another sketch.
          So, this is the sketch :)
          It is always annoying to have fly flies around you or your food or when you are not taking bath yet. Therefore, you will not categorize it as a pretty animal, will you? Hahaha... But when I browsed some source from google, I found an interesting shape and color of certain fly species. I fell in love with it so I took it as my inspiration.


         When I searched about frog’s egg and saw it in a glance, I just said, “Euwhhh....” Hahaha... It is really disgusting to see a group of wet tiny egg you know. Okay, I’m trembled myself now.
          I turn the egg into something embroidery in my dress. (okay, or somewhat like that. I know it is a must to know material for dress making -__-) But, it is cute enough, isn’t it? Hehe :D
          What do you think about the dress, is it look alike lizard than frog huh? Yeah I do think so. But I emphasize you it is a frog. Indeed. It is inspired by a frog that has amazing and beautiful blue legs. I forget the name of its species. But, it is so pretty. Thank God for creating the blue frog.

          What animal firstly does burst out from your mind when you hear about metamorphose? For me, it is butterfly. Yes, this dress visualizes the itinerary of butterfly from egg till grown up beautiful butterfly that is indeed unconventional, solid and intensely beautiful.

     I want to say thank you to one of my classmate, Defian who took a role as my editor and gave me some good suggestion for the dress. Well Def, we should go deeper in this industry hahaha!
     Which one is your favorite? Let me know, give a comment below this post.
     Merci beaucoup c:

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