July 26, 2012


This guest post was written by Anya Sarre, a stylist with Shoe Dazzle, for this blog :)

           Feeling beautiful is something that can change the way a person feels about herself. Women who have discovered they need a transformation in their lives can lift their spirits by checking out the season’s newest summer fashions.  Exceptional new shades and hues line the color palette of this summer’s wardrobe collections. You do not have to spend a lot of money to create a new look for yourself. By taking the time to embrace new fashions and apply beauty tips can help her to look fabulous and feel confident and assured.

Try Out the Cool and Carefree Styles of Summer
           Sleek summer tank tops with lacy trim and flat sandals pair well with jeans, vintage skirts, and cool Capri pants.  Summer is an ideal time to feel carefree and young, and this can be achieved by inventing a new look.  Bright colors such as blues and greens bring out the color of the sea and all that summer stands for.  Women can mix and match these colors with cool white blouses and long, dangly jewelry for a bold and sassy style.  Shoes to complement any summer time outfit include sleek vintage high heels for eveningwear and casual beach sandals for daytime shopping and sightseeing.

Multi-patterned Pants and Skirts Provide Dazzling Wardrobe Options
            The sky is the limit this summer with the sleek and interesting fabrics and patterns that are available on summer fashions.  Designers are producing skirts and pants made of soft, filmy material that looks and feels great to wear.  Women can mix and match multi-patterned skirts with a favorite vintage peasant blouse or a simple V-neck T-shirt for a perfectly casual summer date. Women’s shoes in turquoise, silver, and gold add a bright splash of sophisticated color to jazz up these casual summer wear items.

Get Creative with Wardrobe Combinations
            To avoid spending a ton of money this summer, women can get creative by pairing unusual pieces together to create unique and dazzling outfits.  Business pants matched with bright jewelry and chunky heels add an element of casual elegance to any wardrobe.  Casual cotton skirts in unique patterns matched with simple white, button-up blouses make a woman stand out in a fresh and appealing manner.  Lifting self-esteem and gaining new confidence has never been so fun as it is when a woman takes the time to recreate a new summer style for herself.

July 20, 2012


          "Upon conceiving Nikicio:Mixté, the first and notably the most idealistic of the house, contradictions and individuality were the elements at helm. Subversiveness, on the other hand, is developed through growth. The signatures provide a blank canvas to the collection; tailored jackets and trousers welcome the monochromatic picture titled “Ocean Waves #0” by a long time collaborator photographer Evelyn Pritt, silk blouses adapt the deep, magnetic authority of the print with contradictive lightness, blackened suede vests and studs induce strength. The present state of Nikicio, however, proposes clash. Fall/Winter 2012 marks the collection “War” for the house, which has cemented its androgynous virtues. This season, Nikicio renounces it and consumes herself with femininity. A puristic and almost clinical selection of leather jacket,asymmetrical tank and knits in whites and ivories expound further fragility of the collection. A sense of Venus in Nikicio’s private point of view is now completely revealed. The women are willing to go to war, in defense of stance and romance, but most importantly of existence. Be it physical, emotional, or imaginary, a war is a war. May what you have on your back, in all honesty, bring you victory."

July 15, 2012


          I want to congratulate myself first for officially being 20 on July 14th! Thank God for His blessing! Thank you for everyone too especially for my family who gave me such a wonderful gift. They took me a walk and treated me lunch. It was different from couple years ago at my birthday's date because coincidentally I always went practicing band for church Sunday service :)) I have to admit this is one of my best birthday ever. Why? It is because I already receive uncountable blessing. I exemplify watching amazing fashion shows I've never been watched before, taking photos with top designer and model, raising @lumanjastan, starting a blog (again) and many more. Whoa... I can't count one by one.
         By the way, this is my (photos) report for Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival 2012. I merely watched it on Wednesday and Friday. On Wednesday I came with no one so there was no many photo taken. On Friday, I came with a friend of mine Lia and my sister Bela so we had a ton of photos. Unfortunately, I couldn't take the photos of graduation fashion show by Esmod Intenational due to the death of my blackberry.
          The most interesting part for me at this show was taking photo with Musa Widyatmojo and Laura Muljadi. I am happy for sureeeee!!! Hihihihihi...
           By the way I'll have a final exam tomorrow! Wish me a big luck!!!




  Me and one of the special guest Musa Widyatmojo

 Me and the supermodel Laura Muljadi

July 10, 2012


          You know it is always be sadden if we're or will be separated away from our friends. No matter how old the relationship is or how kilometer of distance is. Yes, I'm actually being perplexed because some of my friends at Chinese class are going abroad for either working or joining student exchange there. My other Chinese class that I used to attend in junior high school did undergo the same thing. Our class member had to be decreased perpetually for several reason. In meantime, twitter or facebook was not booming like now so we were difficult enough to keep in touch each other. I don't know whether or not the other language class face the same thing. Maybe the fraternity is just three months or four months but it is always have a sense of friendship to build. Well now, I'll miss them but I always hope the best for all of us.
         Here they are... It has been a long time since I posted my last dress sketches. This was made when I had to attend a (boring) class like usual. Hahahaha... The lecturer was talking so much and never stopped even for a while to give him a breath to take. I simply drew something on paper,a random and raw one. My friend said it had afro and Greece sense. About the pose, yes, I just learn how to draw a posing-mannequin from a book. But the design is originally mine. What do you think?

July 8, 2012


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         Hello! In this hectic week of pra final exam, I still do blogging to refresh my mind. I want to keep balancing life as an adage saying that college is about how balancing life.
        By the way, I want to congratulate all of my friends who accepted in several universities through SNMPTN. I'm really envy of you guys! Hehehe!
        This post is special for Jember Fashion Carnival, another traditional yet going to a modern carnaval. It was held today. Participants Jember Fashion Carnaval XI in costumes below were walking along the main streets of Jember on Sunday (08/07). Jember Fashion Extremagination XI with this theme featuring 10 costume designs by the number of 600 participants took a catwalk along the 3.6 kilometer. The themes were Rome Empire, Madurese, Oceanarium, Persians, Orchidaceae, Savana, Mushroom, Dragon, Trinidad & Tobago.
          Watch out your connection speed cos it's gonna be a very long photo post! :)

    Source: tempo wisbenbae demotix