July 10, 2012


          You know it is always be sadden if we're or will be separated away from our friends. No matter how old the relationship is or how kilometer of distance is. Yes, I'm actually being perplexed because some of my friends at Chinese class are going abroad for either working or joining student exchange there. My other Chinese class that I used to attend in junior high school did undergo the same thing. Our class member had to be decreased perpetually for several reason. In meantime, twitter or facebook was not booming like now so we were difficult enough to keep in touch each other. I don't know whether or not the other language class face the same thing. Maybe the fraternity is just three months or four months but it is always have a sense of friendship to build. Well now, I'll miss them but I always hope the best for all of us.
         Here they are... It has been a long time since I posted my last dress sketches. This was made when I had to attend a (boring) class like usual. Hahahaha... The lecturer was talking so much and never stopped even for a while to give him a breath to take. I simply drew something on paper,a random and raw one. My friend said it had afro and Greece sense. About the pose, yes, I just learn how to draw a posing-mannequin from a book. But the design is originally mine. What do you think?

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