July 4, 2012


          I realized it has been a year since I and my friends  are selling lumanja in campus. :))
        My mind was flying into the first time the idea did burst out. That time, I was eating pisang ijo Aladdin around campus with Indah. After eating, I saw a boy across me sitting and writing on a book, a ledger or something like that. I noticed him for a while. I knew he was STAN student from identity card hanging around his neck. For a several time he talked with the mas-mas pisang ijo. Was he the owner? I just wondered, wow. It was a very long time since I wanted to have my own food business. Seeing him, I was very inspired. If he could run his business, why couldn't I?  
          I started to fumble what kind of food I could sell. Then, a bright idea glanced. I wondered a little food business which was running at my senior high school. In that meantime, the lumpia keju business was very popular among SMAN 70 student. I thought there was no cheese roll business like this which sold in my campus. So, I just mumbled, if lumpia keju was very famous at 70 why it couldn't be sold there at STAN.
         Luckily, I had two classmates, Indah and Mamet who were very excited and welcoming my idea. After declaring and exclaiming to be a partner, we started to analize how to build the idea to be come true into a little business. We began to search how to make lumpia keju. I asked some of my schoolmates merely to find the recipe. After bbm-ing and texting for surely not a short time, I got a lot of recipes (because I can't cook yet :D). I discussed them with my partners. Then, we did some researches to prove it and found the exact materials to use.
        We started running the business with giving a name lumanja for the lumpia keju standing for lumpia keju mantap jaya around May or June 2011. We certainly wish prosperity for our lumanja. The marketing: we used almost the same way as the enormous Keripik Pedas Maicih. Lumanja was sold in a certain day and time. It was announced at its account twitter @lumanjastan.
          The first time we merely sold 25-35 pieces of lumanja at our own class idr 1500 rupiah/pc. It was sold out unexpectedly. The next week, we increased the amount until 50 pieces. Starting from this week, we sold lumanja in front of the canteen (until now). In the first time of our week in public, we came very late due to the class we had to attend. Unexpectedly (again) we saw away from the canteen while walking closer many and maaaannnnyyyy stan-ers queued so long. We only thought those were the usual crowd. Apparently they were waiting for things we sold! Wow! They soon queued and bought all of lumanja in the tupperware. Some of them who already queued even ran out of lumanja. 
          We were so happy and that was one of the happiest moment we've ever experienced. Until now, we're selling over three hundred pieces a day in a week and always sold out. Praise God! :))
         While Satria joined us as the owner one year ago, lumanja is keeping growing up more. We keep improving and developing lumanja from varying lumanja into lumanja jackfruit and banana until giving free oreo for several purchasing. We also have a chef for lumanja, Bu Nur who works for us for few months (she made you guys delicious lumanja hehehe) we don't have to wake up at four a.m to cook like we used to in the past.
         There's nothing special about lumanja's birthday. We only want to say thank you to all of our dearest customers. Without you, we can't feel this amazing but also bitter-sweet experience. Not intend to be too much but it is so honest to be true, we're happy serving you lumanja. We all feel happy to have you the convenience of eating lumanja. We never expect much more than what we already have now. Keep eating lumanja yo! :))

From left to right: Satria, Indah, me and Mamet

In front of canteen, the hectic crowd buying lumanja!

"Mbak, give me the larger lumanja ya?"

hundreds of crispy lumanja

lumanja :3

delicious huh?

lumanja fever!

thank you!


Raisha Nurul Ichsanti said...

Well, im actually one of lumanja maniac. So, thank you for serving us. Lumanja rocks !! \m/

Marsela Christie said...

Hehehe u're welcome raisha! I like reading your blog lho :D

Raisha Nurul Ichsanti said...

hwaaaaah, such an honour for me<3

Rachmat Prasetyo Utomo said...

Kepoooo blog, terus kangen hahaha