July 8, 2012


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         Hello! In this hectic week of pra final exam, I still do blogging to refresh my mind. I want to keep balancing life as an adage saying that college is about how balancing life.
        By the way, I want to congratulate all of my friends who accepted in several universities through SNMPTN. I'm really envy of you guys! Hehehe!
        This post is special for Jember Fashion Carnival, another traditional yet going to a modern carnaval. It was held today. Participants Jember Fashion Carnaval XI in costumes below were walking along the main streets of Jember on Sunday (08/07). Jember Fashion Extremagination XI with this theme featuring 10 costume designs by the number of 600 participants took a catwalk along the 3.6 kilometer. The themes were Rome Empire, Madurese, Oceanarium, Persians, Orchidaceae, Savana, Mushroom, Dragon, Trinidad & Tobago.
          Watch out your connection speed cos it's gonna be a very long photo post! :)

    Source: tempo wisbenbae demotix

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