July 1, 2012


            Holaaaa!! I posted blog every day lately eventhough it was often only reblogging.
          Anw, after these two weeks ahead, I'll have a final exam. I'm not studying yet. I would have studied the lesson if I had had no homework flood. In addition, doing assignments would be so interesting if we were interested into them. Who likes ass by the way.
           Whoawhoa! Sorry for being so emotional. Hahahaha...
           Relax and chill. Take a deep breath.
          I tried to win a quiz in twitter to win ten free fashion show tickets in a row this week. I joined twice and fell in fiasco: failed twice too. The quizes that I followed were easy ones: which fashion show you want to see and please twitpic your original and fashionable look. My answers were truly coming from my heart and brain and then I realized how shallow they were. I thought I could answer better. It ripped my heart off actually albeit there was no weep. I felt my answer had adequate capacity but I admitted the other competitors had better answers. I just feel whether I can't be the best at something I like. I always feel like I'm in a hundred or thousand place of a race. But I'll keep trying no matter how much litre of sweat I shall excrete. I'm not promising but I'll do my best.
          This is a photo that has not been brought me to the quiz victory. I know, it is not fashionable enough. Don't care. Fyi, the dress comes from my mother's wardrobe.

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