August 28, 2012


          I was opening Evita Nuh's blog many days ago and was inspired to make some indian stuff. I wanted to make one for my own. Since I had no indian goods to wear, I just drew it into a design. Hahaha... I like to draw every time ever since I was a kid and even I asked my teacher to score. That is just an intermezzo. Let's take a look at the dress!

          The first picture is put into the bottom part of the look. It resembles the long and thick tassel or macrame handmade covering the legs. The second, third and fourth pictures are the combination of batik named Batik Tiga Negeri (literally translated as Three Countries Batik). This batik is called by Batik Tiga Negeri because of the making. During the Dutch colonial period, every country or city is a separated 'country' so that it has its own authority.  In that time, the making of this batik is started from one country then to another one gradually to complete the process phase. There's also an opinion that the naming is given based on the fabric color: red (affected by chinese culture), blue/indigo (affected by dutch culture), and brown/soga (javanese culture). For the example, Batik Tiga Negeri from Lasem. Motif depiction process using hot wax and red color dyeing are done firstly in Lasem. After the red application done, the fabric is carried to Pekalongan (another 'country') to be given the second color: blue/indigo. Then, the two colored fabric is carried to the third 'country': Solo/Yogyakarta (Jogja). After the complete coloring, the fabric is carried to the origin, Lasem, to be given the last process. The motif of Batik Tiga Negeri generally portrays not only beauty but also symbolic meaning. At the present, Batik Tiga Negeri coloring process has not been done on those three different places but merely in Lasem where Lasem's batik maker have been able to dye the three colors. That is the wealth of Indonesia's textiles reflecting to the culture diversity and the only tradition. The Tiga Negeri fabric is the real depiction of the beauty of diversity and differences fusing in harmony in a fabric as we can imagine in our real life.

           This is my style of indian hat. I change the feather with something printed in batik parang so that the traditional nuance of Indonesia is appeared. The brown thing behind the hat is braided hair rolled to upside the hat. Pinky color is very fresh and very alluring to polish the face. P.S.: If you want to look over the whole dress clearly, just click right on the picture.

August 25, 2012


          Hello! Happy Independence Day for Indonesia (August 17th) and Happy Lebaran day for all of you whom celebrate that day. It's better late than never, isn't it? I just came back from my hometown few days ago. I missed blogging so much I didn't bring any laptop there. I and my family went to Jogja and Solo. My hometown were around those beautiful cities. These are some quick and short photos I took despite of the amateur photography work. I planned to go to Sriwedhari show to see any wayang performances acted by man and other traditional culinary places. Unfortunately, most of them were closed during the Lebaran day include the Sriwedhari show. I was still happy by the way I went to Malioboro (so sorry there was no photo here ;>) and other amusing places around Jogja and Solo. Anw, stay tune for more design by me ;) Enjoy your day!

a restaurant around the roadway to Solo
terong balado (spicy eggplant) is always be my favorite! the beverage is es kelapa muda (coconut ice) mixed by orange juice
Solo Grocery Center mother of Batik
my sister and one of the mannequine
plaid fashion plague by Jokowi, a candidate for Jakarta's new governor
Solo's kupat tahu
souvenir center at Solo where my mom usually buy ones
the souvenirs are very traditional in taste
pretty crispy snack
peanut and black soybean peyek
who dares to eat this fried grasshopper??? I ever ate once! Wohoo!
I have never eaten this kripik bekicot aka snail snack
it's a very beautiful scenery of Jogja from the top of mountain captured from inside the car ;))
my sister said Tiptop was the oldest homemade ice cream in Jogja
the picture is so tempting me
ice cream (in my opinion it is not too) rainbow ordered by my sister
I ate this mocca sundae with chocolate sauce that tasted more yummy than the rainbow
bird kites seen along the street in my way going home

August 13, 2012


          Have you ever heard about Tana Toraja? It is a city in South Sulawesi which is known by its unique culture including the making of ikat fabric such as sekomandi, tali tobatu etc. Here we are! This is a sketch for Tana Toraja fabric but not intended to disrespect the utility as a traditional ceremony symbol itself. It is just a sketch that is inspired from its beauty of motif.

          The first picture (left to right) portrays a yellow lace added with some accents inspired by cual fabric motif from Bangka Belitung. It is a fabric for real actually but I take it as a lace here. Sorry the motif is not much clear. The second picture is a picture of a counterfeit of Princess Eugenie's royal hat. If hers is black, mine is orange blended with dark brown. Mine is more looks like egg in this picture. Haha! The make up is simple purple to match the purple accent. The neck accessories is just a yellow-orange-brown necklace to fulfill the chest area. The third picture is a purple pleated fabric (yeah I don't know what the term is :p) Shoes? Merely a couple of orange gladiator shoes complete the look.

          This is the main character of this design. The real ikat fabric has triangle field and dramatical look-alike bow motif. It is arranged criss-cross, zig-zag, hook motif and sekon which is a stilasi of human body depiction. In the past, a big size of ikat fabric used to use for paying tax and being a peace sign for aristocratic feuding. Until now, ikat fabric in Tana Toraja is used to be blanket for funeral ceremony. It is because Tana Toraja's people are very revere to their ancestor so that funeral ceremony is very preferred. Now, the function is almost changed. The tourists buying this fabric often use it to complement their appearance. Moreover, other Toraja's fabric: weaving fabric, is used as Toraja's traditional clothing. This turnover of function can not be avoided. The most important thing is the high valued cultural heritage is not lost.

August 8, 2012


          Before I start to write this post, I just wanna say... Happy birthday my lovely mommy! I love you so much! By the way, at this time I make an unusual mix and match. What kind of that mix and match? I was inspired by Indonesia's traditional material. I'm amazed by its wonderful motif and color. I always try to make it chic in my style in sketch. I also give the explanation of each material I used below. Curious? Check it out!

Songket Lombok
        Reknown as a material that has structural color and motif in making, songket is spreaded over Indonesia especially in Lombok island - Nusa Tenggara Barat. Since VII century, Lombok people have been planting cotton and making some weaving material such as usap, umbak and songket material. Each of materials has its own utility at local traditional ceremony. Weaving songket itself has been a hereditary tradition for women at Desa Sukarara, Lombok-where belongs to the center of songket making. They make songket with a very simple weaving equipment-alat tenun gendong-and produce sarung material, belt (sashes), and scarf made from silk thread and bright cotton.The motif is traditional in floral and geometry shape. The simplest motif is roset motif that stacked regularly, zigzag or triangle on plain or plaid background.
          Making songket is not an easy job. It is because songket has approximately 200 or more motives which have to be strongly remembered by the weaver. It is a must too to have perseverance, patience and high artistic taste in making songket.To make it easy, some of the weavers saves a few of example songket motif to show to the customer for order.
          As you can see, I turn the red zigzag songket into a pretty jumpsuit. I have to admit that the real songket is more beautiful than songket in the picture. At least, I give you a depiction of the motif.

Batik Bogor Kujang Kijang 
       Bogor, a city that is famous by the tourist with its Tajur bag, makaroni bakar (grilled macaroni), asinan or apple pie, and Kebun Raya Bogor starts to develop Batik Bogor. In fact, batik in Bogor has been existed hundred years ago since Rakean Darmasiksa (1175-1927) ruled Sunda Kingdom. Batik Bogor modern motives which are being the characters of Bogor are kujang motif, Rafflesia Arnoldi flower, lotus and even Bogor palace picture. But the preferential one is Kujang Kijang. These motives are inspired by West Java's traditional weapon, Kujang. Kijang (deer) is one of Bogor's icon in Bogor Palace. Batik Bogor itself is developed by a Yogyakarta man named Siswaya (with his friend's help) who lives in Bogor for 25 years and dedicates himself to Bogor especially in Batik Bogor developing. To support the continuity of newly born Batik Bogor's life, the local government make an obligation to the private or public workers and students to wear the Batik Bogor's uniform.
          Anyway, can you see the deer? :)

Tribal Headband and Ulap Doyo Shoes
          Tribal headband is made from a circled braid added with fur while the shoes is made from Ulap Doyo material. Ulap Doyo is Kalimantan's traditional material from suku Dayak Benuaq. This material is made from plant fiber that is similar as pandan, tanaman doyo (Curculigo latifolia). I emphasize you that the real Ulap Doyo material is more beautiful than in the picture. :)

August 6, 2012


          Yesterday, finally I did my project. Yeah I planned to tidy up my messy bedroom especially for the corner side one that had been used to be my personal computer place for seven years. Since my pc was moved out to the upstairs room, the corner was empty leaving the desk and the chair. Tadaaaaa!! After several hours work, it ended with a quite satisfying result of makeover. First thing I did was covering the old desk with old newspaper laying in my storeroom after cleaning the desk itself certainly. Second thing was giving the ornaments to beautify the desk. I gave my handmade poster containing a part of my dream also motivation to trigger me to be more passionate each and each day ahead. I also made and took my own counterfeit of flower made from magazine pages. Hehehe it was very nice to put it on the desk. Third thing, I put my lovely magazines (since I love magazines so much), my war weapon (to draw any sketch :)) also my other comic and books taken from the little library upstairs (yes, I save all of my comic, novel etc upstairs). The one thing I missed is photo. Hahaha... I have a lot of photos with no frame. Well, what do you think? :)

August 1, 2012


         Welcome August! Finally, I already have my holiday! Yeay!
        This time, I'll show you my latest dress sketches. I can say they are the second part of black wedding dress, sketches I've made before (if you haven't seen them, click here :) ). Actually these pictures are inspired by those black wedding dress. A friend said that she did like them so I decided to make the second part. Hehehe...
         In this collection, I'm trying to make the wedding dress looking more casual. Yet, the concept is still outdoor wedding or party. With two color tones, we can choose the exact color based on our preferences. But if you want to be different, I suggest picking the black theme :))