August 28, 2012


          I was opening Evita Nuh's blog many days ago and was inspired to make some indian stuff. I wanted to make one for my own. Since I had no indian goods to wear, I just drew it into a design. Hahaha... I like to draw every time ever since I was a kid and even I asked my teacher to score. That is just an intermezzo. Let's take a look at the dress!

          The first picture is put into the bottom part of the look. It resembles the long and thick tassel or macrame handmade covering the legs. The second, third and fourth pictures are the combination of batik named Batik Tiga Negeri (literally translated as Three Countries Batik). This batik is called by Batik Tiga Negeri because of the making. During the Dutch colonial period, every country or city is a separated 'country' so that it has its own authority.  In that time, the making of this batik is started from one country then to another one gradually to complete the process phase. There's also an opinion that the naming is given based on the fabric color: red (affected by chinese culture), blue/indigo (affected by dutch culture), and brown/soga (javanese culture). For the example, Batik Tiga Negeri from Lasem. Motif depiction process using hot wax and red color dyeing are done firstly in Lasem. After the red application done, the fabric is carried to Pekalongan (another 'country') to be given the second color: blue/indigo. Then, the two colored fabric is carried to the third 'country': Solo/Yogyakarta (Jogja). After the complete coloring, the fabric is carried to the origin, Lasem, to be given the last process. The motif of Batik Tiga Negeri generally portrays not only beauty but also symbolic meaning. At the present, Batik Tiga Negeri coloring process has not been done on those three different places but merely in Lasem where Lasem's batik maker have been able to dye the three colors. That is the wealth of Indonesia's textiles reflecting to the culture diversity and the only tradition. The Tiga Negeri fabric is the real depiction of the beauty of diversity and differences fusing in harmony in a fabric as we can imagine in our real life.

           This is my style of indian hat. I change the feather with something printed in batik parang so that the traditional nuance of Indonesia is appeared. The brown thing behind the hat is braided hair rolled to upside the hat. Pinky color is very fresh and very alluring to polish the face. P.S.: If you want to look over the whole dress clearly, just click right on the picture.


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