August 25, 2012


          Hello! Happy Independence Day for Indonesia (August 17th) and Happy Lebaran day for all of you whom celebrate that day. It's better late than never, isn't it? I just came back from my hometown few days ago. I missed blogging so much I didn't bring any laptop there. I and my family went to Jogja and Solo. My hometown were around those beautiful cities. These are some quick and short photos I took despite of the amateur photography work. I planned to go to Sriwedhari show to see any wayang performances acted by man and other traditional culinary places. Unfortunately, most of them were closed during the Lebaran day include the Sriwedhari show. I was still happy by the way I went to Malioboro (so sorry there was no photo here ;>) and other amusing places around Jogja and Solo. Anw, stay tune for more design by me ;) Enjoy your day!

a restaurant around the roadway to Solo
terong balado (spicy eggplant) is always be my favorite! the beverage is es kelapa muda (coconut ice) mixed by orange juice
Solo Grocery Center mother of Batik
my sister and one of the mannequine
plaid fashion plague by Jokowi, a candidate for Jakarta's new governor
Solo's kupat tahu
souvenir center at Solo where my mom usually buy ones
the souvenirs are very traditional in taste
pretty crispy snack
peanut and black soybean peyek
who dares to eat this fried grasshopper??? I ever ate once! Wohoo!
I have never eaten this kripik bekicot aka snail snack
it's a very beautiful scenery of Jogja from the top of mountain captured from inside the car ;))
my sister said Tiptop was the oldest homemade ice cream in Jogja
the picture is so tempting me
ice cream (in my opinion it is not too) rainbow ordered by my sister
I ate this mocca sundae with chocolate sauce that tasted more yummy than the rainbow
bird kites seen along the street in my way going home


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