September 25, 2012


         Plaza Indonesia Men's Fashion Week is the place where hot men models are gathered to represent the latest trend of mars planet's occupants. The last day is the show for Superdry, DKNY and (X) S.M.L. The outfit that mostly in daily wear ones are really stunning and cool. The most attractive show I think goes to (X) S.M.L as the closing show in that day. Why? I think the show by (X) S.M.L is very creative. They prepared the show very well. While the guest were waiting the gate to be opened, the models did the same too: they queued in the line. Even, the models were sitting in the same row with the guest. One of Indonesian model, Richard Fiando even were sitting in front of me. I thought they only would watch the show. But they did walk the runway when the music were beating up. Just sit nicely in your chair and prepare yourself for watching the long parade of photos.


September 21, 2012


          Before I start, I just want to say that I have stiff on both of my hands. My dad got a doorprize present from his office. It is an airbed. Since we only have a pump for bicycle, we used it to make the airbed works. LOL. It was very tiring work. Me, my dad and mom were alternately pumping the airbed. I still wonder if it is the right tool to pump or not.
          Let's go to the sketch I've made here. This represents a bird that is trapped on a floral cage. I combine the dress that is inspired from an orange batik fabric consisting birds and the plants around them with some imitation flowers around the chest area and the bottom. I'm now in love in drawing these beautiful flowers. I give pink batik fabric too. It circulars the arms. Sorry the motif is not seen clearly here.
          This sketch describes about someone who is trapped on his comfort zone. It is very comfort to be here. In the other hand, he always tries to get out because no matter he feels good there, he knows he is not destined to be caged but free. He wants to fly wherever he wants to. He understands well that people anytime can control him like either the bird owner or the hunter want to kill and cook the bird because of the cage. He always thinks the best way to run away while waits the perfect time so he can fly with his herd to the appropriate place where he should live free.

September 16, 2012


            I came so early to Fashion Mash Up last night. It was held by Lookbook Jakarta a community who loves fashion in Jakarta.There was no hectic crowd approaching the spot yet. I just stood with my three friends looking around the stage. Simplicity and effortless are two words popped out from my mind. Someone offerred us some food (and beer?) Hahaha we didn't consume it.
         Until the runway began almost very late, the crowd was seen clearly. We couldn't wait for the first collection made by its two designers coming. They were very nearly simple in cutting, very young nuance, printed picture and studded everywhere. Some accents of fake mustache, face laces and eyebrows were glued at the face. The second collection were a mix up between daily wear and a little bit couture touch seen in some tassels, leather and fur. The models (I think they were the community members, am I right?) were walking with some free style walk and taking off their fake glued accessories. Finally the show was closed by band's performance.
           I think on time show is very appreciated well by everyone. I wish next time they could begin the show on time. Because we were so tired to stand almost for one hour hehe! But overall, it was a quite good fashion show.
             Thank you Lucca for inviting me!

September 9, 2012


          I'm so grateful at the beginning of new business chapter. I get fun classes either at college or course. God is very kind to me. I'm so blessed. I wish for being given the better and better way ahead to pursue my dreams.
         Here are some photos I took at event at JCC. It inspires me so much eventhough I almost don't know about things in architecture and interior design. The stuffs are really cool. My hands couldn't be separated off from my camera I wanted to capture everything inside the show. I'm on my way to start thinking what kind of home that I want to build in the future.

September 6, 2012


          Have you ever been gone to Bali? I am indonesian and never go to there yet. Hehe! :) But I already hear about the paradise echoing and rocking the world. Bali is one of places where you must visit on your list while coming to see Indonesia. The culture is either unique and pretty as pretty as the traditional fabric such as gringsing woven fabric, endek fabric and the one attracting my heart poleng fabric.
          Poleng fabric is a woven fabric in plaid motif which consists of only two color tones: black and white. According to Bali's tradition, this black and white poleng fabric is named by Rwa Bhineda saput poleng. The others saput poleng are saput poleng Sudhamala (in black, white and grey) and saput poleng Tridatu (in black, white and red). Eevry color composition has a deep meaning. In Rwa Bhineda's color, black (dark) and white (light) which is intensely  very contrast reflect dharma and adharma. They symbolize the clarity and the way they are. Rwa Bhineda is a world nature. World always undergoes two different situations, dark (night) - light (day), up - down, good - bad, etc. The two different colors or situations are different but can't be separated. Both are completing and filling each other to create harmony. The grey color as the transition from black to white color in saput poleng Sudhamala contains black and white elements at the same proportion. It means that grey aligns the symphony between dharma and adharma. Grey color also means that in a certain condition the bad and good elements have the same level. In saput poleng Tridatu, red means energy symbol, black means laziness and white means wisdom and goodness. Poleng fabric is very important in life of Hindu Bali's people. Even some of the puppets characters like Betara, Hanoman and Bima are always depicted wearing saput poleng Rwa Bhineda.
          In the pictures below, I design some of my creation and interpretation of saput poleng. I combine the fabric with flowers to beautify the dress. Share your thoughts! :)

P.S.: the pictures beside the design belong to google, doublew tumblr, Pandu Adnyana.

September 4, 2012

September 3, 2012


          September 2nd. Actually I had to watch Barli Asmara's fashion show at UI Fashion Week 2012. Since there was another occasion, a big day for someone important for me, I cancelled the show. Barli is one of my most favorite designer ever. Watching his show is becoming one of my dream. I had to set aside my sad feeling because it was a big day. My little sister's big day! :)
          Happy 17th birthday my beloved Bela! These are photos I taken while the little and warm party were held. My big family were coming and celebrating her new age walking towards the maturity. By the way these photos are especially addressed for the cake (even there were other delicious food served there such as nasi kuning and friends, ayam goreng kampung, sambel goreng krecek etc). I like the birthday cake very much! Hehehe! Why?? This is made from dozens of stacked Dunkin' Donuts! My dad was offering the cake the day before the birthday party. The cake came a few hours before the party began. When we opened up the box... Surprised! We found this pretty cake. Which doughnut do you like? :)


           UI Fashion Week 2012 is a pioneer fashion event held by University of Indonesia's student. Before their runway began, they firstly had had the pre-event such as fashion seminar, hijab class, beauty class and photography class. You can click the detail of fashion seminar above I had attended. It took a long time between the pre-event and the main event. But I appreciated the crew for being success in the main event. I attended the runway both of Lennor by Lenny Agustin and Ghea Panggabean's collection with one of my partner in crime Agfi. We came on time but the shows we wanted to watch were late. So, we just entered the venue show and watched the previous shows collection by Vintage Victim and Canvas.
          The Vintage Victim's collection mostly were printed daily wear. The fabric looked so soft and gently. The models were gorgeous. I love their simple tied hair accentuating the dress. About Canvas collection, the designers were brought the elegance and luxury of teenager's daily wear. The trenchant cutting was demonstrated in long skirt. Monochrome color was seen too mostly in the show.
       Lennor by Lenny Agustin was as always as fresh, colorful, girly and cheerful. She was amazingly combining the traditional fabric and today's trend motif. I most liked the headband and the antique bag. They were very beautiful with the dress. Ghea Panggabean's Ethniccentric was stunning. She brought few of her latest collection that ever displayed on Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2012 worn by Prinka Cassy as you can see the 3rd picture in that post. CMIIW. Ghea who in the mean time didn't come to her show always brought Indonesia's culture in fashion beautifully like Lenny Agustin did in every runway. I love how they represent the traditional fabric in modern design. I love very much.

Me and Lennor's designer: Lenny Agustin. So happy! :)
in front of the photo booth