September 3, 2012


          September 2nd. Actually I had to watch Barli Asmara's fashion show at UI Fashion Week 2012. Since there was another occasion, a big day for someone important for me, I cancelled the show. Barli is one of my most favorite designer ever. Watching his show is becoming one of my dream. I had to set aside my sad feeling because it was a big day. My little sister's big day! :)
          Happy 17th birthday my beloved Bela! These are photos I taken while the little and warm party were held. My big family were coming and celebrating her new age walking towards the maturity. By the way these photos are especially addressed for the cake (even there were other delicious food served there such as nasi kuning and friends, ayam goreng kampung, sambel goreng krecek etc). I like the birthday cake very much! Hehehe! Why?? This is made from dozens of stacked Dunkin' Donuts! My dad was offering the cake the day before the birthday party. The cake came a few hours before the party began. When we opened up the box... Surprised! We found this pretty cake. Which doughnut do you like? :)


allie said...

that is the coolest cake I've ever seen. I want one!

Miss L Luxurylavishlife said...

Great pictures! I adore donuts, all these seem delicious!!!

Vale ♥ said...

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Raisha Nurul Ichsanti said...

hwaaaaah..happy birthday bella. i envy your cake <3

Liz said...

It seems delicious!

Encarna said...

How a beautiful And tasty cake!

Kacrates said...

Looked like so much fun and a yummy cake. Happy B-day to her!

Katherine said...

Omg, I want that cake!

Thanks for your comment! I'm already following you :)

Febriyan Arif said...

kak marsela i've followed your blog :))
maybe we can follow each other :)

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ylenia said...

Looks amazing, I want the same cake for my B-Day!
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Sam said...

Aw wow, the cake is amazing, haven't seen that before, looks delicious! Happy Birthday to your lovely sister! Followed you on Bloglovin

Jodie Bennett said...

Wow these cakes are incredible, they look sooo delicious.
Your blog is awesome and you are so lucky to live in Indonesia.
I went there last year and it’s my favourite country in the world, I also think the food is the best in the world too : )

I’m your newest follower, I would be so happy if you followed me back.


Valentina said...

OMG I'm so jealous about this birthday cake! I want a cake exactly like this one for my birthday :D

Bonnie said...

That is a gorgeous cake! I have never seen one like this before.
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Kasandra Nichole said...


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kcomekarolina said...

omg!i love this style!

xoxo from rome

Sofia said...

Cute cake!

Fede said...

wow this cake is really fantastic
following you hope you will follow back

Carol said...

that cake is amazing!
thanks for visiting my blog :) i'm following!


Giada Gianassi said...

O. M. G. !!!!!!

I love donuts! I can really die for a piece of this cake *-*

I follow you, please follow back ;D

xoxo giada

t said...

Love that cake!