September 21, 2012


          Before I start, I just want to say that I have stiff on both of my hands. My dad got a doorprize present from his office. It is an airbed. Since we only have a pump for bicycle, we used it to make the airbed works. LOL. It was very tiring work. Me, my dad and mom were alternately pumping the airbed. I still wonder if it is the right tool to pump or not.
          Let's go to the sketch I've made here. This represents a bird that is trapped on a floral cage. I combine the dress that is inspired from an orange batik fabric consisting birds and the plants around them with some imitation flowers around the chest area and the bottom. I'm now in love in drawing these beautiful flowers. I give pink batik fabric too. It circulars the arms. Sorry the motif is not seen clearly here.
          This sketch describes about someone who is trapped on his comfort zone. It is very comfort to be here. In the other hand, he always tries to get out because no matter he feels good there, he knows he is not destined to be caged but free. He wants to fly wherever he wants to. He understands well that people anytime can control him like either the bird owner or the hunter want to kill and cook the bird because of the cage. He always thinks the best way to run away while waits the perfect time so he can fly with his herd to the appropriate place where he should live free.


Lucca Yoga said...

Dalem banget ya filosofinya.
I wish this sketch can be worn by someone someday :)

Marsela Christie said...

Amiiin :))

ALLIE said...

This is beautiful, you're very talented

Stefania said...

WOW!!It's amazing!!

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Surya Laili said...

nggak sabar pengen bisa liat hasil jadinya. u're so talented, keep going

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Francesca MyStrawberryNose said...

Amazing!!!! good job!

Ayushma said...

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Francesca M. said...

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