September 16, 2012


            I came so early to Fashion Mash Up last night. It was held by Lookbook Jakarta a community who loves fashion in Jakarta.There was no hectic crowd approaching the spot yet. I just stood with my three friends looking around the stage. Simplicity and effortless are two words popped out from my mind. Someone offerred us some food (and beer?) Hahaha we didn't consume it.
         Until the runway began almost very late, the crowd was seen clearly. We couldn't wait for the first collection made by its two designers coming. They were very nearly simple in cutting, very young nuance, printed picture and studded everywhere. Some accents of fake mustache, face laces and eyebrows were glued at the face. The second collection were a mix up between daily wear and a little bit couture touch seen in some tassels, leather and fur. The models (I think they were the community members, am I right?) were walking with some free style walk and taking off their fake glued accessories. Finally the show was closed by band's performance.
           I think on time show is very appreciated well by everyone. I wish next time they could begin the show on time. Because we were so tired to stand almost for one hour hehe! But overall, it was a quite good fashion show.
             Thank you Lucca for inviting me!


Surya Laili said...

such a great event there!

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Jacynta Walsh said...

wow!! this looks so eye catching!! love it!!

happy sunday!! :D there is a new post on my blog. I would love to have your views :)

Giada Gianassi said...

I follow you, hope you follow back ;)

xoxo giada

Heidi-likes said...

Great pictures, looks amazing x

allie said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I like the tassled bodysuit :)

GIULIA said...

thanks for your sweet comment dear!
Of course we can!

Anneka said...

Looks super fun, and I love the moustaches! xx
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'the fashion departement' said...

Amazing collection! Follow? :)

sammycx said...

i love the collection! brilliant photos!

Yudhie R Soekotjo said...

Terima kasih sudah ke Mash up night by Lookbook Jakarta :)

Photo2nya bagus :) saya izin ambil photonya buat di instagram ya. sekali lagi terima kasih banyak atas kedatangannya :)

Yudhie Ramadhan Soekotjo
President of Lookbook Jakarta.

Marsela Christie said...

Sama-sama :)

Theriz said...

hey sweet! nice blog! love this post.. the photos and gifs :)
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Lucca Yoga said...

"Beernya enggak bikin mabuk kok" - mbak-mbaknya.

Angie said...

Great post girl...Love the pics..:)



The white cabbage said...

nice post ...great day for you !

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ViviConVivi said...

foto super carine!
ultimo post con recensione clinique! =)