October 10, 2012


            My interpretation about psychedelic is a blend of various shades of rich colors that form a beautiful shape views. I add detail tiny petals which are arranged in neat costume to represent gradations of color from the psychedelic theme. Motif of the island of Borneo with a black base color is very inspiring also helping me decorate my design. I modify the motif shape also the basic color in print with all due to the respect to the meaning of these motifs. I also add a tassel accent for a strong tribal impression. I design simple shoes and hairdo also a simple headband as a head sweetener. Similarly, the make up, I just polish the face with the same basic color print motif of Borneo. My design in this Psychedelic in Borneo is visualized as a relatively simple design but has couture in it.
              In the first image (far left), I us shades of brown, red, and pink petals on the details. I give print motif in brown tends to red color and red balloon skirt pieces are uneven. The second picture, I play hit a light blue color with a fresh green shades. For the top I give pleated and rigid cutting. The third picture, I give cutting along the top right in the middle. The combination of purple and blue flower petals is alluring detail. I made a bracelet from the pink tassel accent .The fourth image, the print fabric is modified to be a skirt from under chest to a few inches above the knee. Shades of red, orange and yellow color the flower petals. I give some cutting in the details which are connected by thin threads that is strong but not too invisible.
            I hope this design can be something new in this girl band era. By adding an element of Indonesia, I also hope local motif and beautiful historical value in this costume could stay the sustainability awake and recognized by the public.
         That is a simple explanation about the design. Thank you for all of the supports even I didn't win the competition but I'm happy I can be a part of ★ Best 40 Artwork. This is my first  design competition and it is a beginning achievement for an amateur designer like me hehehe. Stay tune for more post!

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