November 11, 2012


                I was very excited about Esmod Fashion Design and Pattern Drafting Workshop yesterday. I really couldn’t wait for something new to learn. And here we go. It was started around 9.30 a.m. I already sat with the other participants. The speakers were Monsieur Patrice Desilles as Academic Program Coordinator Esmod Jakarta and Miss Mutia as one of Esmod’s teacher. The first session we made our own dress made by newspaper and magazine paper on a dummy. The second session we depicted the dress onto a paper.

Our dress

                Well it was a very insightful and interesting workshop. I learned a lot especially on making the dress concept as well as the theme said. Both of me and Lucca were together making a dress that was inspired by a bird. You can see the picture and the paper dress above. The triangle and the tassels depict the bird body and the wing. The puff and ruffles depicted the air pocket and short tails. It was pretty good but it didn’t bring us to win the one month short course at Esmod. Why? Yeah, I think we made it too couture and went far away from the theme: something ready to sell. We merely write the concept on a piece of paper and pinned it to the dummy but had no chance to explain it to the judges. In my opinion, this dress can be either couture or ready to wear. You can always put off the neck ruffles to wear it as your daily wear. Fashion is about subjectivity though. Even Monsieur Patrice’s word ‘Nice’ to my design on paper could not save me to win. Hahaha I'm happy to hear that word from him anyway :)

My design

                Although we were not winning, we were already satisfied about the dress. The major lesson I’ve learned was to do things according the theme. You can always execute the idea with various ways but just don’t go too far.

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