November 30, 2012


           Last Saturday, both of me and Lucca were visiting LaSalle College Open House and Workshop. The crowd was so busy. People who mostly teenagers were already gathered at 10.00 a.m. o’clock. Firstly, we enjoyed the exhibition where each leaders in Lasalle was explaining about their field of study. Secondly, we had to join the workshop. There were so many workshops such as fashion design, fashion business, photography, make up etc. You know what? We wanted to join all of the workshops! We wished for that. We wished we could be like amoeba that day.
Finally, we chose fashion design workshop. There were two classes: t-shirt or mood board class. We really wanted to attend both of them but we couldn’t hehehe! We decided to join the t-shirt class. A mentor from Lasalle firstly demonstrated how to do a customized t-shirt. At the beginning she just were cutting over there, there and there, then binding the shred by shred, then doing a little sew in the bottom and… her custom t-shirt became a very pretty and unusual tank top around ten minutes! It was very amazing and pretty!
These pictures below are the result of my design. I was not playing with sewing but cutting and binding. I love simplicity though. There were two little prizes for two lucky and best designs. Lucca was one of the winners (Grawh! So envy of him!). We were permitted bringing our work home so I could make some styling with it. I also have made a tutorial if you are interested to make it yourself. Enjoy!

my Pancious dessert after a tiring day making design


Chai Chen said...

Cool designs Marsela! Keep it up! :)

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Tie Bow-tie said...

This top is so nice! I love it!
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Mi_Mi said...

wow such a cute design..

Fahmy Haryandi said...

punya lucca bagus! punya lo keren juga sih ti *agak terpaksa ngomongnya* hahahaa #kidding :p