December 9, 2012


The illustration above was made during the (like usual) boring class. I spent a lot of my binder papers those were supposed to be written during the class. Therefore, I started buying my own sketchbook instead. Hihihi…
There are some points highlighted in this early week of December:
1.       Do you like The Walking Dead? I love it so much. Surely can’t wait for the next episode till February!
2.       Wish me luck for finding the best theme for my college fieldwork report.
3.       I wish I could lose some of my weight ;P LOL.
4.     I have to make some designs come true because some of materials and fabric at home were piled up. If it is done I’ll surely upload it here. Wait for it! :)
5.       I wish I could memorize all Chinese letters in my book course. A new friend from Shanghai just came into my class and he was very good!
6.       I really want to do this thing: Watching films that I have not watched.
7.      Overall, I just hope I have a better time management.
      Happy Sunday and have a nice day! Keep smiling because christmas is coming :)! 


Fahmy Haryandi said...

I do sketching when I'm boring in the class
1. I haven't watching The walking Dead. I just watched 1 episode and it's not count as "watching"
2. I wish luck following you anytime
3. I only can say "work it out"
4. Ayoo ti! Make your design in real life please! If you want, I can sewing and make pattern or something. I'll be ur assistant
5. Next post, you need to post photo of your new chinese friend :P
6. THIS!! I expect this too! Or at least I have a time machine so I can manage my time.

Ti, I'm wondering what it would be if I'm in your ilustration. Make it one for me please :P

Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

Lucca Yoga said...

Next time mau liat sketchbooknya ah, there must be me inside *ngarep* :D

Lucca Yoga

Marsela Christie said...

1. You should watch it till the end of the season. It is flabbergasting!
2. Thank youuu!
3. Umm...errr...I've ever heard sleeping can help us to lose weight, don't you think?
4. Awwwww so sweet.... You can sew? Nice to hear that! I'm so happy having a creative person like you too <3
5. He will kill me instead
6. :))

I can't promise you. But okay, I will considerate it! Yyeaaayyy:)

Marsela Christie said...

Emmm.... maybe you can't. It is a woman's secret. #oposeh Isinya cuma sket biasa doang, ada yg bridal gown, ada juga ide2 gajelas... Mihihi

Anonymous said...

so beautiful :)
new christmas tutorial in my blog