March 30, 2012


           Last Sunday I came to one of biggest event at campus, a Japan favor one, Animaku No Hibi 3. This event was consisted of lot of bazaar and competition. I never went into a Japan’s culture event like this before, but first time I arrived here, I really wanted to stay here enjoyed the show or just went around.
There were many booths here include food and accessories booths. Because I’m a food lover, I immediately visited several heaven food booths. I really wanted to buy every single food and beverages here, since the price was not so affordable for me and I didn’t want to have my stomach exploded, I just bought dorayaki, udon and takoyaki. Honestly, I’m not such a Japanese food lover but I thought they were quite delicious to eat. Barely believing dorayaki was tasted like kue pukis. Kue pukis is more delicious, I judged.
Uh, well I visited a ghost house too and queued sooooo long in a line. I waited for forty five minutes with Anis and Indah. It is not a short time, isn’t it? We got bored and almost left the game. The ghost house was creepy like other ghost house. The different was you knew one of the ghosts (perhaps all the ghosts) was your friend. I knew one of my buddy took a part job as an actor here. Even, Indah told me she was offered to be the ghost too. HAHA. (would be epic if she were trapped in a ghost suit). But still, it was successfully scared me cos the darkness was frightening. (if it wasn’t maybe I’d kick the ghost hihi… *evil grin*)
Before I went home, I watched takoyaki competition too. Yup, to win it you have to eat (I guess) five balls of takoyaki as soon as you can and compete with other participants. I couldn’t imagine how hard the competition was because the takoyaki with octopus’ dice slice inside was very hot, it was directly taken from the stove or just (very) cooked. I ate hot takoyaki for fifteen minutes myself and had my tongue almost dead for two days-____-
            Couple days ago, a friend of mine, Mamet taught me how to crop in photoshop. (Hahaha, just get the light of photoshop&friends :p) I tried it at home and edited some pictures of people who joined cosplay competition in Animaku No Hibi. You should see my first work below. It is not too pretty yet. Hehehe :D

March 23, 2012


          Lately, I was very busy I couldn’t update my blog. College thing and my music thing distracted me. Hahaha if you ask me what my music thing is, I’ll warn you, it is not such a big thing except for my church service. I can’t say I’m a keyboardist because I’m not a good one. I haven’t my real own band. I just have a little talent I want to improve. Thank God He gives me that.

            Last week maybe was one of my most hectic weeks ever. I had different performances on Saturday and Sunday. Yup I took a job as a keyboardist. Even it was almost always free for fee, I like to call it as a job. I always try to give my most professional performance either in practice or in the stage due to music lesson I’ve ever learned. I’m neither an advanced nor intermediate musician. I admit I’m a beginner one.
            As we know, thing we have planned often doesn’t work well. My performances embrace it too. As the example, I and my friend do a really good job when we practice for band but at the day the sound system ruins it. We play the songs beautifully but the audience can’t hear it loudly. Worse case, the sound system works only for the audience so they can hear but the band doesn’t hear what they do play on so they play with feeling. So, awkward.
            Being angry and disappointed is the only thing I feel in my heart. I can’t blame the person I think the most mistaken one. Sound system man and band, we’re partner literally. I just keep it and relax myself for a while. Also I reward myself for doing my part best even I know the result has ruined.
If you do something to pleasure someone and thing doesn’t work well, you’ll be disappointed. But if you do it for God to pleasure Him, whatever the result is, you’ll be still grateful.
About college thing, yes, who is not busy about college. Regular class, social activity and events can’t be separated in college student’s life, include me. Actually, I don’t join any group in campus officially. Regular class and music practicing have been keeping me busy since two weeks ago I entered the fourth semester.
Last year, I joined one of my college event, STAN AWARDS category: Best in Art. Luckily, I was in top five! I picked two of my oil paintings to enter it. Okay actually I never paint with oil media. I used to draw in my file paper or drawing book. So, they are experiments and they work well. Hahaha…

Flyers were spread and glued around campus :))

Top Fivo!! Me and other candidates

            I was extremely excited grinned widely to know my name was printed here!
            As I told you, I sent two paintings. Both of them are oil paintings on canvas. Lemme tell you what do they look like with pleasure.

First painting ever!

The title is Selamat Datang. This is my first painting made in 2010, January 1st. It was made on canvas 35x25 cm, a small one rite? Yup, I don’t want to be failed in my first painting. It tells about a people who welcome guest in their place. They wear Indonesia’s traditional dress. I dunno what I exactly drew on their dresses. But I think the girl wears Bali’s dress and the boy wears… err… is it Madura’s dress? I don’t think so. Hahaha. Tell me if you think you know its right region.

Second painting

            It is Wanita Tropis Pecinta Bunga. It is painted on June 22nd in the same year as the first painting. The story behind this 40x30 cm of canvas is a woman who plays around and finds a garden which is fulled by flowers. This woman who has an exotic and tropical in her pretty face spares her time to play and enjoy with the flower, root and leaf. Her favorite flower is white and red flower. She stares it for a while and puts the root in her fingers. She imagines the flowers move and bloom fast in the same time she sees them cos she can’t wait too long.
She’s looked so happy isn’t she? :)
            I never expect to win anything with these two buddies till I became the runner up of STAN AWARDS, with my other (little) paintings of course.
            The last one, I forget the exact date I made it. But I know it is painted in 2011 on 50x40 cm canvas.

Third painting

            A traditional kingdom princess just grows up and leaves her teenager periods. She likes to wear little red dress before little black dress booms up. She likes to sit on her high feet chair with her two loyal maids. Her maids are ready anytime to serve anything she needs and asks. She is a very spoiled girl. In that time, the maids are helping their majesty to make up her in her room. They are bringing her most favorite black shoes and blue comb. She is combing her long and straight black hair herself. She is looked so happy to make herself up because it is a special day. She knows that she will meet a prince, her future man from another kingdom. Yes, she is matched by her father as the king also her single parent because the queen was dead since she was a baby. But it is okay because it is her first time to start a relationship she never faces before. She seldom goes out the palace to see the civil and seldom meets man beside her father and her old troops so she never falls in love with anyone. She’s very wishing the guy she’ll meet today would be her first love.
            What she doesn’t know is one of her loyal maids is her real mother…
           It’s Untitled. I really wanna people who see this can interprete with their own thought what it does mean before they know the story behind it. I’m really happy if people can tell the other side story when see my Untitled, when see the story richness of this painting content.
            I really want to start painting again sometime. See ya!

March 14, 2012


            I forgot to introduce myself after posted my last two posts. Hehehe!
Welcome to my new blog. I’m Christie. From now, I want to start blogging about what I’m thinking and craving about. I’m sorry for my English grammar mistakes. I’m still learning. At least, I just wanna share my post to you, to the entire world.
Let’s go to the point.
It was sad to know that holiday will be over. But it was happy too to meet every happy face in the first day class as always. Yup, my more-less three weeks college holiday already met its end. Firstly, I want to thank God for his kindness, He gave me such a pretty good IP (Indeks Prestasi) Hehe:) Secondly, I want to share some stuffs I currently read.

 Gogirl! Magazine, Indonesia Mengajar and Hermes Temptation.
Wish I could finish them in a month

I know I’m not a type of book reader person. I often get bored to read book with no picture inside. (except the magazine, you can count it as a book too rite?) But when I saw these books, I was so interested to read them. I bought ‘em after two hours of reading the same book in the bookstore.
            About Gogirl!, after I read it I just got inspiration. I drew my dress sketch based on Gogirl!’s issue: BRITAIN! Yes, it is all about Britain. I took Union Jack as one of the patterns, modificated bearskin (high black hat) as the royal hat, and of course the colors of the flag, blue, red, white (modificated into grey) and black to neutralize these wonderful colors!


            They're pretty, aren't they? :) 
            Lately, I just found a fashionable blog made by 12nd y o girl. Curious? Let's check The Cremme De La Crop
            Have a nice day!

March 7, 2012


Who was not waiting for Indonesia Fashion Week 2012? Fashion lovers should wait for this huge event which held in Jakarta Convention Centre in February 23rd-26th 2012. Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 that could be mentioned as IFW 2012 had to be a heaven place for people with thirst of fashion taste.
I was so dammit lucky got free fashion show invitations. Invitations? Yepp! I didn’t get only one, but two. It began from the announcement from IFW 2012 site also twitter told there were free fashion show invitations. I directly subscribed myself and my mother with our ID cards. And both of us got the invitations! I was so excited! Since my mother couldn’t come, I replaced her. This is how the story goes. :D

 Love the invitations’ color and design very much!!

Well, I got the invitations for two days, Saturday and Sunday’s night at 8-10 p.m.
On Saturday’s night, February 25th 2012, I watched Psychedelic Slang fashion show by Deden Siswanto, Eny Ming, Ghea Panggabean and Defrico Audy’s. It was generally about how to dig our richness Indonesia’s culture deeper. With their own interpretation, these four designers translated the culture and life elegantly.
I came late and missed Deden Siswanto’s show since I had attended fashion seminar in pre-event of UI Fashion Week 2012 during the day. But I already had some pictures and articles for you taken from the official blog of IFW 2012 and other sites such as and

1.    Debutante Delight by Deden Siswanto
            Comparing Java Kingdom design cut with European classic fashion. Beskap and lurik motive were changed into elegant and sassy fashion with hand print, digital print, and hand border touch. Cotton, corduroy, canvas, linen and voile were designed into fashionable dress. Shoes were supported by Yongki Komaladi.
"Warna-warna indigo kali ini menjadi andalan saya. Dengan sentuhan Eropa kolonial membuat busana jadi lebih elegan," said Deden.

 Deden Siswanto

 Debutante Delight

2.    Re-construction by Eny Ming
            Through her label, MING. Eny Ming showed her bold designs, edgy and not much detail. Bali-based designer is always a surprise showing in their show. So fresh, so modern! Re-Construction theme was the theme of Eny Ming IFW 2012. This theme was about life which sometimes doesn’t go like our plan, so we need to rearrange the "puzzle pieces" of our lives. Pieces in this collection symbolized the puzzle of life. Pieces of material structured with an artistic arrangement of the silhouette. Wool and cotton material blended with a jersey and sheer. Androgynous and femininity appeared on her designs.
  "Bentuk karya saya seperti patchwork dengan siluet unik," said Eny.
Eny Ming


3.   Orientalism by Ghea Panggabean
            Ghea S. Panggabean as a senior designer mixed China’s culture that comes into Indonesia, like china peranakan’s ceramic, embroidery, sulaman Padang until kebaya encim with dragon or butterfly embroidery. Ghea again showed her power off in processing print motif with applying hand printing on tulle, organza, velvet and then embroidered and beaded. Ghea Panggabean, who already has six labels includes labels for children and men, became one of the most awaited in IFW 2012.

 Ghea Panggabean

4.   Wong Kito Cino by Defrico Audy
 Defrico Audy’s design remembered us with a rich culture with a bold silhouette. Through a collection titled Wong Kito Cino, Audy cultivate noble culture and customs of South Sumatra at the time of the Kingdom of Sriwijaya. At that time, the influence of ethnic Chinese was very big. With the main material songket, tulle, French lace, thai silk, duchess satin and silk chiffon, Defrico Audy showed an fascinating collection. Jackets, bolero, vest, cardigan, skinny pants, pencil skirts, and tube dress could be found in Audy’s collections.
 Wong Kito CIno

              Last day of Indonesia Fashion Week, February 26th 2012, rain fell little bit hard. I came earlier than yesterday cos I didn’t wanna miss the show also did avoid traffic jam. But the reality was... I came too early -_- I spent my time went around the assembly, cendrawasih and main lobby where the eye-candy booths were collected. There were Dian Pelangi, Ida Leman, Oki Asokawati, Nikicio, Samuel Wattimena, ESMOD, Susan Budiharjo and other thousand booths here. They showed and sold their collections during the day.
                After a little walk, I walked upstairs because I sat in tribune seat. (hope someday I could sit in gold or silver hihihi) It was okay to have a seat here because still the show could be clearly seen. And the gate wasn’t opened yet. I waited outside and saw many people sat in the floor. I thought I had the crowd more than Saturday’s show. Maybe it was Anne Avantie’s.
            Before the gate opened, I was greeted by someone, guess who… a new buddy from Bunka School! She looked so harajuku that time. Then, we had a little conversation about the show. She got the invitations too, not subscribing in the web, but from Anne Avantie. I looked at hers and it was so cool designed too like mine. Hahaha. Btw, I didn’t know why she thought me were a fashion student like her. She helped me when I found trouble opened the invitations to show it to the officer. Hahaha… She was a very kind girl, rite :’)


Unfortunately she and I were separated in seat when entered the plenary hall because of the crowd, people came like queueing for sembako, you know what I mean. The good news was I got one seat in the front. My new friend (that till now I don’t know her name cos we had a very interesting conversation then forgot to introduce ourselves :”D) and her mom sat far away behind me.
            The show themed Ethnic Eclectism was so superb! This show also became a closing for these four days fashion week. Here I quoted article from
                Masterpiece is a work produced with the full seriousness by the hands of a maestro. Three leading designers: Ferry Sunarto, Musa Widyatmodjo and Anne Avantie showed their best work through the eclectic ethnic inspiration in BNI presents performances Ethnic Eclectism was held on February 26 at 20:00 pm-22 pm. Fashion show sponsored by BNI Indonesia is the final show of Indonesia Fashion Week 2012.

 Press Conference from left to right: Musa W, Anne Avantie, Ferry Sunarto

1.   Fascinating Romance by Ferry Sunarto
          Ferry Sunarto identic with his beautiful kebaya with a soft aura. Watching Ferry’s fashion show is like watching romantic movie which can make every woman fall in love. The man from Bandung who is inspiring by Bali made his theme of collection The Fascinating Romance. He used embroidery in his collection and a floating fabric shades lighter motif blends with the beauty of songket Bali. A sprinkling of pearls and crystals in soft colours made his collection looks sophisticated and glamorous. Ferry used silk fabrics, cotton, lace, tulle, organza and jacquard. It proved that man couln be processed in such a beautiful kebaya with a modern look without forgetting the traditional roots that already exist. Through his work, hoping Ferry kebaya can grow more powerful so that later kebaya can be recognized on the whole world.

So Fascinate Fascinating Romance!

2.   Flores, Ende Culture Designs by Musa Widyatmojo
          Musa Widyatmojo prefers made ready-to-wear collection. Through the label M by Musa, senior designer clothing for women presents modern clothes with a touch of Indonesia. The design is modern and classy in a dress, top, pants and skirts. This made the label M by Musa available in many leading department stores. At IFW 2012, the label presents the theme of the (ine) who brings culture women of Flores, Ende. His designs are suitable for urban women's lives. With the right formula, Musa mixed cultural influences, global trends. Perfect!

Cravin for One of This Culture Woman of Flores, Ende

3.   Kebaya Modern by Anne Avantie
          Anne Avantie fashion show closed the Ethnic Electism show at Plenary Hall. With the theme “Indonesia Sehati”, Anne presented the epic performances in collaboration with Guruh Soekarno Putra and Garin Nugroho. Anne’s collections inspired by the song lyric by Guruh Soekarno Putra and narrative by Garin Nugroho. Anne Avantie, a designer from Semarang presented show that combined narrative, movement, dance and song as well as in a bundle. In this fashion show, you saw masterpieces of Anne Avantie; kebaya, ready-to-wear collection, until her batik gold Prada coletan. Passion, dedication and perseverance of Anne Avantie in developing kebaya made her deserve to get the highest appreciation.
Anne Avantie’s Masterpieces

Some backstage pics from last day fashion show. Many pictures click on Enjoy!!

That was the end of Indonesia Fashion Week 2012.
Oh! Before I end this very long post, there are some tips and tricks attending a fashion show from co-writer of IFW official blog, Catherine Soepadhi in her blog IFW may have passed but we can use these tips to go see for another runway. Check it out!

Random tips and tricks if you're attending Indonesia Fashion Week
1. Wear something comfortable yet stylish. And remember to 
   "Dress to Impress" you won't know who'll be there snapping
   pics for magazines/blogs/etc. Your outfit should describe 
   your style! 

   If you're not a very "heels-person", don't wear 7 inch   
   platforms to IFW, cause you know you will walk from one far 
   end to another. Nothing is worse than not being able to walk! 

2. Do a quick research before hand about the brands/designers that   
   will be doing a show/exhibition, so you'll know which ones you   
   like, so you wont spent time looking around finding the one 
   that you're interested in. Check IFW BLOG for info about the 
   exhibitions/fashion show.

3. Recommended list of things you should bring! Other than your 
   handphone ofcourse!

  - Business card : Because you will never know who you will meet   
                    there ;) 
  - Small make up kit : To touch up because its going to be a 
                        long day.
  - Extra money : Tons of eye candy, shop till you drop.
  - Camera : To capture the amazing moments.

4. Bring friends or Make new friends... The venue is huge, you 
   might get lost (hah!) and plus shopping with a bunch of 
   friends are always better than being all alone in the middle 
   of thousands of people.

   necklace made from batik?, show your INDO-PRIDE!

Thank you for reading this long post hihihi…