December 26, 2013


Shades, my latest painting on 40x50cm canvas with oil color

 I could not sleep when I wrote this draft post in the middle of night. my mind was flying about how great our God is. He really gives me what I want, yet I also think I need it, more than I need. I consider it as a christmas present. Perhaps for some of you, it is just another ordinary thing. But for me, it gives much more hope and strength. Nah, I will tell you later in my upcoming post, okay? :)

There have been so many joy and tears this year. the trial and process we have been through, I believe it teaches us to be a better person in the future. This could be my last post in 2013. I hope in 2014 there'll be so many exciting surprises coming toward us. I hope for myself, I can achieve what I want to achieve. I hope that achievement is God's purpose in my life. I really hope so :)

Merry Christmas 2013! See you in 2014! :)

December 11, 2013


Me illustrated by Fahmy Haryandi
Thank you Fahmy!!!

The huge rain just dropped by. Here I am sitting in front of my computer and drinking my instant coffee. I just think why my internet connection runs so slow, like often. I called the provider to fix it and the crew came to my house few times but the connection still sucks.
Just random thoughts accross my minds.
Well, I have an uncertain length of holiday this time. Nevertheless, I keep myself busy and do things I love then. I had many good chances beforehand, the chances I've dreamed about to do the stuff that I think I'm gonna like. But, I just wasted them away. Just like that. 
I don't know the particular reason why I did that. There's a lot to be considered with. But I still have an optimist mind. I believe that the opportunity I seek will appear so soon.
I decide to have a rest a little while. I often feel so burdened and think I can't walk any further. I realize that I already run so far yet not so quick. I can say that I'm in the progress in regaining my fire back. I wish it will be worthy at the end.
            In the meanwhile of “meditating”, I do many things (I like) such as drawing, painting, making illustration, etc. It helps a lot and makes a positive thinking. Besides, I’m surrounded by good people supporting me as well. Thank God. 

*pictures below are illustrated by me* 

My best friend, Fahmy Haryandi
it was my first time at trying to draw people's face digitally :)
My sister, Novi
My best friend, Lucca Yoga, created with Samsung Note
(the two illustrations above are made by this apps too)
My best friend (again), Lucca Yoga. Today (11.12.13) is his birthday date!!
Happy birthdaaaayy!! :D
illustrated on a paper


The APPMI's post is not over yet. This is my another favorite collection.

The feminine oriental look has mesmerized me. The pretty gradation color does speak a loud.

Gregorious Vici brings us back to the old European trend. He combines the pale color with black in his wide skirt. The leaves embellishment is so amazing. The overused of accessories and huge headpieces doesn't look too much, I think, because it fits the total look well.


Today, I bring you to some of the hottest RTW items in Jakarta Fashion Week 2014, from the monochrome-colored until the sparkling colorful fashion. I collage my favorites which are made by the Indonesian talented designers, such as August Soesastro, Friederich Herman, Billy Tjong, Jeffry Tan, Yosafat Kurniawan, Major Minor, Toton, and Dian Pelangi. Enjoy!!

Clean and simple cut is always up-to-date. August makes his woman become more mature.

The black edgy jacket with geometric fish scale paneling below... I love!

The monochrome shades becomes more interesting and different by adding the gold spikes accent which is very smart.

I've never thought that the cutting of blazer can be this fun and unusual. Friederich Herman keeps his design edgy and bold and says that a woman look should be strong and cool. I love the asymmetry cutting inside the leather jacket worn by Hege Wollan!!

Playing with the digital printing is always fun, isn't it? Billy Tjong prints his design in his latest dress and bags. In addition, he also has another printing, which I prefer to, such as the nature scenery which is very cool. But, I think the wig doesn't look as natural as the printing. It would be better a ponytail or something else natural.

Ah, what can I say? If I were Rachel Zoe, I would say, "This colorful jungle print?? I die. This is Bananas!!" This "Wanderlust" collection is made by the team consisting of  Ari Seputra, Ambar Pratiwi, and Inneke Margarethe. I love the jungle-printed top with neon accent. It is so fashion-forward.

This collection as you can see, is about ocean life. It is so colorful but not shocking. It has artsy details in a very wearable outfit! I feel the ocean wave when I see the cutting of the collection. Don't you feel the same?

The hijab designer who is also known by her colorful design is showing off her talent again at JFW 2014. She brings the attendance of colorful umbrella along the show. I like the colorful beads embellishment that gives a fun and chic look at the same time.

December 5, 2013


Lucca's work

     I was so blessed that I have good friends around. Shortly, I met these amazing boys: Lucca and Fahmy. We have the same interest and just get each other since we met. I am gifted by God because they're so amazing. I couldn't be myself now at this point if I didn't meet them. They help and support me a lot. We laugh at our silly story like a lot.
     Well, the team member will decrease because Lucca goes back to his hometown. That means he will not be available in Jakarta for uncertain time. I remember the first time we met was in Lookbook Jakarta Event. We were awkward at first fifteen-thirty minutes but after that we just clicked clicked like we were old friends. Since that event, we continue the journey with Fahmy.
     I do already miss Lucca a lot (and so does Fahmy, I suppose). I always wonder why the friendship didn't start earlier so I could know him any longer. Although we three still keep in contact but I hope we can hang around again some time. I miss you Caaaaaaa....

Lucca - Me - Fahmy
Taken from Lucca's blog
Lucca's gift

The End.

December 4, 2013


Jakarta Fashion Week 2014's fever is not over. I bring you back to APPMI (Asosiasi Perancang & Pengusaha Mode Indonesia) show where I already pick my favorite looks below.


This ready to wear look has a simple way and very casual. It doesn't look too much energy but still stylish. I love the leather accent on it.

Huge headpiece and heavy material becomes one look, why not? It is surprising when you know the dress made of hundreds of scarfs. Weww!!

Glossy and minimalist look but the rich details on top is truly pretty. The dress line is gorgeous. 

What is more interesting than having a painting printed in your dress? Fuji Tjandra makes it happen in his collection titled by Asia Syndrome. The oriental women printed in the textile is awesome!

Can't agree more of the high-end and classy collection by Poppy Dharsono.

It is a sophisticated batik dress with a sense of modern style.

It is my personal favorite collection so far. I like saying to my self that one of them will be my wedding gown in the future :)

to be continued

November 29, 2013


       Firstable, I want to say HAPPY BELATED 40th BIRTHDAY to my favorite TImberland yellow boots. If the yellow boots were human being, they might be the grown-up men who surely had many experiences in their life. The same story goes to the iconic yellow boots’ experiences. The boots have already traveled around the world and affected so many people’s life in different decades and trends. Since the introducing in early 1973 by Sidney Swartz in USA, the Timberland waterproof leather boots were going more and more famous in Europe and Asia until now. The iconic boots also bring the timeless influence to Indonesia as well. The fan from Indonesia should not be worry because Timberland is now available in our beloved country. Beside at Senayan City, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Timberland’s store also located at Plaza Indonesia, that just held the grand opening in October 2013.

the opening ceremony at Plaza Indonesia
(picture taken from Timberland's facebook page)

       The journey of the yellow boots doesn’t end up at the store, but keeps continuing on how they’re being treated by the owner, especially the way the owner wear them. I believe that the reason why these yellow boots keep surviving in the fashion industry in that long period is all about the classic nuance inside the shoes themselves. As you know, the classic element can be either good or worse to your appearance. It is not an easy job to bring the classic thing in your look. You can’t put everything in your body, in spite of mixing & matching the yellow boots is easy. It can be boring if the styling goes wrong.
      The yellow boots better have to be paired with the current trends (and of course your personal style!). I mean, if you were living in 60s, you could not have a better look with your yellow boots than pairing them with 60’s hottest item such as very above-knee-length and sleeveless A-line dress, bright & light outfits, hair bow, henceforward. Talking about to the now “it” trend, I can’t agree more about what Grazia UK wrote about the hippiest spring-summer 2014 trend. It is all about floral, fondant shades, sheer, shiny, 90’s-alike logo, pleats, and new silhouette elements. I already pick which boots to which trends to combine. Let's breakdown them all!

      Let’s play with digital printing motive with your TImberland yellow boots! Just simply pick the Waterproof Nellie Chukka Double boots. Pair them with your printed top with your floral skirts. Neutralize the look with some “safe” goodies like black hat and bag, also brown watch from Timberland. Add unique necklace to perfect your look. Lift your head and walk confidently. Remember that the yellow boots surely lead your feet to a good day!

       Who says that yellow boots can’t show your feminine side? Pick the Earthkeepers Meriden Lined Fold-Down Boot! The fur is so cute! Wearing this Earthkeepers collection means that you can also save the mother earth simultaneously because it is made from the recycled material alias eco-friendly. Anyway, the boots can be paired with fondant-colored outfit that looks much sweeter than candies. Pull out your sweet and soft pink coat from wardrobe, mix it with Timberland’s scoop neck lake scene t-shirt. Since the rain season starts coming, wearing the purple shade scarf and beanie from Timberland is certainly not a mistake. You know that everyone, the street-stylers, all of them are crazy about beanie nowadays. Match them all with other colors, silver bag and soft brown Timberland’s wool pants.

       Other sweet yellow boots from Timberland are Authentic Roll-Top Boots which have such a sweet polka dot detail. If you want to bring the feminine side to another level, you have to try this look with these boots. A green-black-brown tee mixed with the latest trend of transparency, a see-thru embellished dress. Add the spiky gold bracelets to add stronger look and head wrap for the contrast side: the feminine & bohemian look. A tropical paradise tote bag has so much energy here, you’re just simply being the center of attention. Totally falling in love with this look!!

       Aside from classic and timeless, the unisex yellow boots have a casual, edgy, and sporty style. I think 14-inch Premium Waterproof Boots are reflecting those sides. The boots just add the unusual and the-center-of-attention look. Let’s try the boots with Korea’s street-style, which I often see in the latest Korean drama. Matching white Shanghai logo top with star-printed pants is easily casual. Add the Earthkeepers Fleece-Lined 2-in-1 Parka to complete your casual look. You can wear white necklace too. More logo, yes? Earthkeepers Organic Cotton Baseball Cap and logo textile bag can’t be a mistake.

       Ha, I just realized that Rihanna’s song whispers a trend in fashion world. Brace yourself and wear this shine yet futuristic look. Timberland’s 6-inch Premium Waterproof Boots are ready to rock your appearance. You can elevate your sporty look, by wearing shiny tee and skirt. Well well well… I clearly can see Maria Sharapova wears them. Haha! Wear your other shiny accessories to complete with. Silver pouch, Timberland’s Radler Performance Watch and Earthkeepers Fringed Eternity scarf from Timberland are the perfect choices. Break the color shade with Benton Waterproof Shell Jacket. Still feel too shiny? 

       The granny’s outfit is back to town! Yup, it is pleat! Don’t be fooled. It is very tricky to wear pleats. Just don’t wear anything that can make you older than your grandma. Oops! Hihi. What is better than the Earthkeepers Brookton 6-Inch Classic Boot Timberland to start the mix and match? They are so gorgeous to be paired with the short pink pleat skirt. How about the idea of putting on a checked shirt? Of course, you can wear some tank top or t-shirt inside so you can tie up the t-shirt around your hip whenever you want. Add the bold Earthkeepers Wingate Leather Shopping Bag, Campton Multifunctional Watch, also the Reversible  Knit Slouchy Beany to your look. It smells like a bit of masculine here but still effortlessly stylish.

       I’m thinking of what new silhouette that is happening now and finding out that asymmetry skirt perhaps can answer the question. The asymmetry skirt is so easy to be paired with other clothing, especially our favorite Authentics Roll-Top Boots. Put on the blue soccer top and let the bold color dominates the look. Pick the army tote bag and Timberland’s Fayston Outdoor Watch which have different blocking color. Don't forget to rich your look with a sparkling gold necklace!

       So, how’s the styling? I hope it works for you. Enjoy your journey with Timberland’s yellow boots! Happy mix and match!!