January 30, 2013


            Have you created your own wish list for this year?  I believe that we all certainly have wish list, especially stuff that we want to buy or have. I also have a line of wish list written on my mind. After reading Latest Hotness fashion article on Gogirl! January issue, my wish list has increased. This article gave me such inspirations for latest trend in early 2013. Then, I made myself stuff-wish list moodboard below. Besides, the beauty article was also amazing. I really love how to control our hair when it becomes greasy. The sock bun article was so pretty. I would try it immediately if I had long hair. Hehehe! I wish my hair were very long right now. *insert to wish list*

            There are some fashionable hints in this early 2013. Animal district is one of the hints. Who doesn’t love cute animal like kitten, baby tiger and owl? From printed, sequined till embroidered animal dress, I’m sure we girls are falling in love with it. We don’t have to bring our pet everywhere or steal the zoo’s animal just to be with them anytime but merely put their picture on our outfit. Smart!
            We always can do some mix and match with animal trend. A Zara’s cat dress fits in sheen blue loafers and black bag. Give it an embroidered necklace to add some texture! Kenzo’s emerald sweater paired with asymmetrical hem dress? Why not? Let’s play with color of the year! Mix them up with brown palette purse and studded brogues. I love this look!

            Masculine look is a must for this year. Girls are so lucky they can steal this look from the boys. I have some tips to wear the masculine style. Since houndstooth is very booming now, a blazer with this print can never be wrong. Put your striped shirt on inside. Don’t forget to wear your cutout boots and black shoulder bag. A Bone Beads Necklace from Mango can complete your look. This black and white dominant outfit will always be a classic and masculine appearance.
            Wanna play another color block? Mix your green sweater with your boyfriend’s red plaid shirt. Neutralize them with black shoulder bag and brown tubular chokker from Mango. Don’t want to be too masculine? Black pointy platform can save your day.

            Sheen materials are nowadays too. Wearing your sequined dress from Topshop can make you stand out in your friends’ birthday party. You surely can’t miss bringing a sheen silver clutch. Meanwhile the other girls wear high heel, you can put your sheen blue loafers on. Wearing loafers equals edgy look. Aeroplane ring and triangles earrings from (X) S.M.L will make your friends can’t refrain themselves not to be amazed.
            If you want to wear a sheen dress, you have to ensure yourself not to wear the other complement too much. A gold sequined dress from Topshop is pretty enough to be matched with Zara’s Rigid Evening bag and black pointy platform. Wearing gold and black earrings is still permitted.

            I have told you that emerald is 2013’s color. You don’t have to be rush in buying any emerald’s things to follow the trend. Find green elements in your cupboards and pull out them all.  If I had Diamond Block Dress from Mango, I would pair it with houndstooth blazer from Picnic. To be more edgy, I would wear any black pallette things, from shoes, bag and necklace.
            How about light hi-neck top? A burgundy hem-line skirt fits a lot with it. Do not hesitate to wear your gold tribal necklace and ring. Wearing black boots and old shoulder bag? Awesome!
            I hope these moodboards those I’ve made can inspire you too. Happy mix and match!

January 17, 2013


                Firstly, I want to say sorry for the big rain that causes flood disaster coming to Jakarta these few days. It got the streets, the mobility and the economic paralyzed. I wish we all would be alright. Stay patient and safe, Jakartans!
What do I love from fashion show? Not only the designer’s collection, but also the music beat, the lighting, the fashionable people, the stage, the models, the seat row even the queue line! Yeah it’s true. It is always exciting to sit and watch the show.
            This short video is about Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival last year, one of some great fashion shows I ever had watched. I got three days pass invitation but only came to the first and last day. I missed Mel Ahyar’s show because of the exam period (till now, I still regret for that, because her show was awesome!) Sorry for the low resolution because it was recorded by my blackberry. I found this video suddenly in my laptop. So, I hope you enjoy it like I do. You also can see more photos from this event, click here.

January 14, 2013


                I remembered what Barli Asmara had said last year in the last seminar I participated. He said he had difficulties trying to find the suitable tailor for his brand. If there’s one, he has to keep her/him not to go away. Now, I think I feel the same with what he felt. Although I’m not a professional designer though, I feel yeah it is difficult to find one, the one who understands at least 90% of my design. My experience was sewing three of my fabrics to my custom tailor where my mom usually sews her dress with. She understood my designs. Thanked her for that. Until I came back to take away my dresses, I was surprised. My heart was just about saying, Madam, this kind of balloon style was not meant to be sewed like this. This was indeed balloon skirt but… please took away the tuille under the skirt. I wanted to make it really stiff not shaped stiff like when you squeeze it. Okay, design was changed. I finally made the bottom part a silhouette.
                There they are. I finally uploaded my latest designs completed with the real dresses. The design was made by adapting with my personal style. The brown and purple batik fabric ones were bought by my dad (Yup, he is a batik hunter like my mom). The black one I bought the material myself. They were the straight batik lurik and black satin. I bought them for a competition firstly but I felt in love with the fabrics and decided to sew it. The look-a-like fringes should be (sewed) glued to the black satin material, but the tailor didn’t make it so, she let it flew away. But that was (almost) close enough in the first sight. 

My neighbor said they were pretty. Lol.

January 11, 2013


Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Prospero Ano y Felicidad

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
From the bottom of my heart

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2013 my fellas! Better late than never.
Sorry for not posting for so so soooo long. At the end and beginning year, I was so busy. I was joining Christmas celebrations, twice playing keyboard with my church band. I was a so so keyboardist but thank God, He involves me to praise him with all my best. I felt bad when I played the song with wrong key lol I ruined it but my partners were very good. They quickly adjusted the key then the song flows away like nothing happened. I always wondered if I had had those songs recorded so I could upload them here ;) I was once being an usher in the other Christmas celebration. College thing also made my days hectic too. Final test will come next Monday. Chinese test for tomorrow. Wish me luck!