January 17, 2013


                Firstly, I want to say sorry for the big rain that causes flood disaster coming to Jakarta these few days. It got the streets, the mobility and the economic paralyzed. I wish we all would be alright. Stay patient and safe, Jakartans!
What do I love from fashion show? Not only the designer’s collection, but also the music beat, the lighting, the fashionable people, the stage, the models, the seat row even the queue line! Yeah it’s true. It is always exciting to sit and watch the show.
            This short video is about Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival last year, one of some great fashion shows I ever had watched. I got three days pass invitation but only came to the first and last day. I missed Mel Ahyar’s show because of the exam period (till now, I still regret for that, because her show was awesome!) Sorry for the low resolution because it was recorded by my blackberry. I found this video suddenly in my laptop. So, I hope you enjoy it like I do. You also can see more photos from this event, click here.

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Sarah Beby said...

Marsela Christie - A STACK OF MACAROONS
i had followed your blog, follow me back, we are same as official blogger for Indonesia Fashion Week 2013,
i just wanna ask you, have you got the letter confirmation and manual book for official blogger yet?
thank you