January 14, 2013


                I remembered what Barli Asmara had said last year in the last seminar I participated. He said he had difficulties trying to find the suitable tailor for his brand. If there’s one, he has to keep her/him not to go away. Now, I think I feel the same with what he felt. Although I’m not a professional designer though, I feel yeah it is difficult to find one, the one who understands at least 90% of my design. My experience was sewing three of my fabrics to my custom tailor where my mom usually sews her dress with. She understood my designs. Thanked her for that. Until I came back to take away my dresses, I was surprised. My heart was just about saying, Madam, this kind of balloon style was not meant to be sewed like this. This was indeed balloon skirt but… please took away the tuille under the skirt. I wanted to make it really stiff not shaped stiff like when you squeeze it. Okay, design was changed. I finally made the bottom part a silhouette.
                There they are. I finally uploaded my latest designs completed with the real dresses. The design was made by adapting with my personal style. The brown and purple batik fabric ones were bought by my dad (Yup, he is a batik hunter like my mom). The black one I bought the material myself. They were the straight batik lurik and black satin. I bought them for a competition firstly but I felt in love with the fabrics and decided to sew it. The look-a-like fringes should be (sewed) glued to the black satin material, but the tailor didn’t make it so, she let it flew away. But that was (almost) close enough in the first sight. 

My neighbor said they were pretty. Lol.


Fahmy Haryandi said...

kece badaiiiii

Defian Panji said...

kerenlah ini :D
suka sama motifnya yang ungu itu :D
kalo di kain ga bisa ngejreng gtu ya jeng

fabulous fold up ballet flats said...

beautiful dresses! Love the all black


Marsela Christie said...

Cetar membahana!

Marsela Christie said...

Makasih dep. Bisa doong

Lucca Yoga said...

Akhirnya gue bisa lihat jadinya ya Tie :D

Linda said...

I love your drawings!

♥ Linda