February 2, 2013


           My friend ever asked me, what would you do on holiday? I had no specific answer to fulfill her query. I told her maybe I would just go to my room then do some paintings on my own, play keyboard for some occasions involving my church choir or do nothing but enjoy the holiday. I would say to go to Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 but it would be held after my holiday. (You shall come too! If you won’t, just check out my post about it, okay? ;) ) Actually, I wrote my what-to-do things in my agenda. I would do it as the principle says more flexible more fun but keep sticking on the schedule.
        This was what I did in my holiday, sketching. This time, I made another combination of batik and woven fabric. I created a long mermaid gown and the blazer to complement with. Before going to the fabric explanation, let me tell you about the outfit’s headpiece. Do you remember Cosette whom was played by Amanda Seyfried on Les Miserables? In a scene with Jean Valjean, she wore a big white hat. It was really pretty that it has inspired me! Then, I made a big hat (tell me if you know the name of the hat) with a printed rose.

            The first picture below is a blazer with Patola’s motive. Patola fabric or widely known as Cinde fabric is a traditional woven fabric from Indonesia. This fabric is known in several regions as Maluku, NTT, Bali, Central Java, Pontianak, Gorontalo and Manado. The Patola fabric came from the India’s merchant whom came to many regions in Indonesia, brought some stuffs to be sold, one of them was Patola fabric. The Portuguese was also known as the spreader of Patola. They brought Patola to Maluku to be bartered with clove and nutmeg or to be gifted to the local king. The Patola’s design has inspired Indonesian and has adapted with local tradition. This fabric is believed to have a superstitious power that it can protect people whom wear it. The fabric is also trusted as the symbol of fertility.
            The long mermaid gown in the second picture is inspired by the motive of Batik Kudus. Reputedly, the presence of Batik Kudus started at around 1940’s when the Chinese merchant brought the batik maker from Pekalongan, Yogyakarta and Solo to Kudus. They asked them to create a special batik to fill the merchant’s needs and desires. All the batik makers collaborated to make one with motive and color those combined the characteristics of batik Yogya, Solo, and Pekalongan. The brown and black (darker) color represented the batik Yogyakarta and Solo. The flower motive represented batik Pekalongan. In Batik Kudus we also can see the elements from Arab and China’s culture acculturated with local culture.

        This is it, the art that I called as couture in paradise. I always believe that local culture in fabric element can always adapted with the times. They are never really dying. We the young generation always can save them in many ways so that the paradise can live at the longest.


Anonymous said...

'bout the hat, maybe u can call it 'juliet cap' or 'lace cap'. Kate Moss used it as her wedding veil in 2011. CMIIW.
but, it looks like 'rasta cap' if you make it that big though..
well, IMHO, that dress is quite a good one, using batik as a couture (high fashion) is really great to save our culture. MHOTY.

Marsela Christie said...

thank you!

Tania Pagliai said...

Hi, I found you blog and I find you photos amazing!!
It would be nice to follow each other!Step by me if you have time!!

choolee said...

hey :)

all your drawings look so nice :)


Andrea said...

lovely drawings:)

Merilda Kristalya said...

you are so talented! looking forward to buy the clothes from your own collection!

this year i am starting a new blogging project called Bandung Cross outlet, where i am going to visit an outlet once a week and write about it. FYI this week I published a post "a peek to Tosavica". hope you may take a peek on my blog :
I'll be glad if you may follow my blog just like I have followed yours.


Kri said...

very impressive! you are so talented!

Yakson House(약손명가) said...

Wow, this artwork is quite impressive.

NaNa said...

wow you are so talented, this is amazing!

love from the NANA girls xoxo