February 21, 2013


           Hello Fella long time no see~
           Firstly, I want to say thank God for giving me many unexpected gifts this month.
Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 is over but I miss it already. I miss the fashion show, the booth, the exhibition, the model, the people inside etc etc. I was so happy that I could be IFW blogger. It meant I could be watching any show I wanted to watch. Yeay, that was an exciting opportunity, wasn’t it? Fortunately, my two friends Lucca and Fahmy were chosen as the blogger too. So, here our journey began. =)
        Only sitting and taking pictures in four days always sounds interesting. We sat in photographer and media area right in front of the catwalk stage. We could almost always get good pictures (moreover if I were using the best camera lens) (umm…depended on how and where the model’s walk direction too because the stage was very wide). The only problem was the blustery air conditioner. I got shivered so many times in four days I had to bring any jacket or cardigan to cover my body with. Because we sat (and rarely moved) we got stiffed. In bahasa we can say ‘kesemutan’ Lol. But overall, we were happy we could clearly see the model and the fashion walking around the stage.
        Besides taking (thousands) pictures, we also met new friends (yeaaay!!). I wish we could meet another time another place in another event.
        So, in these days I will post so many pictures in this blog especially for the fashion show (I’m a little bit confused how to insert all pictures though). Stay tune for more posts! :)

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Patricia Evelyn Salim said...

i wish i can go to indonesian fashion week :)

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