March 24, 2013


        Don’t you think to perform traditional dance or song needs a lot of preparations? One thousand yes! I think my classmates were trying to prepare the performances at Budaya Nusantara Class at their best. I know how exhausted it was to do it. We had to prepare the traditional dance movements, practice not only the song but also the role play drama, make a power point presentation, buy the food and beverages (to serve it to the lecturer and the classmate), rent costume and etc in less more one week to perform in one hour. Nevertheless, we were all excited to make it happened because this class was so interesting. We had to be charged to be creative at the highest level. We had to think how we could serve all well in limited budget. It was so challenging though. We had to pack this traditional heritage and brought it to the lecturer and audience so they could watch the show enjoyably.

Who wants Bir Pletok? I thought it was beer, but it turned out to a twisted ginger and milk. Next to Bir Pletok? Chocolate Buaya bread! Both of them from Betawi group.
Bir Pletok in cups... Yumyumyum~
Ketupat+tahu+bihun noodle+peanut sauce=delicious Betawi ketoprak! These two pictures below are Betawi's food too!
The amazing Soto Betawi :Q_______
Okay, we moved on to Aceh's culinary. This was cucumber ice from Aceh in a big jar. The Aceh team made it theirselves.
Pour and pour into many cups~
Pick one for your own glass, yes?
My glass of cucumber ice. Sweet and fresh tasted beverage.
Martabak telor from Aceh. Please don't make any sound, my stomach!
I thought the spicy Aceh's noodle is the best noodle ever. I'm hungry now. 
Two teams and the lecturer Mrs. Woro posed in one frame.


Lara said...

This post made me so hungry haha, how did your performance go? xx

Marsela Christie said...

Yeeep, that is the final goal haha I'll post it asap ;)