March 16, 2013


Hi guys! Long time no see!
This is a post dedicated to the class I’ve been waiting for: Budaya Nusantara class (or you can call it by archipelago culture class). Maybe you ever read my last post about it (let’s click here to read it again!). I and my classmates were divided into four groups (Aceh, Betawi, Batak, Minang) to represent those culture in many ways at class. The presentation can be presentation (a must), role play drama, dancing, singing, etc. Sound interesting, isn’t it? Well, it is interesting. The first week, Aceh and Betawi groups went first to represent the culture. Because I got Minang (my presentation will be next week together with Batak team) so I had great time enjoying the Aceh and Betawi performances last week.
This is a story of Legend of Port Tapaktuan played by the Aceh team. So, I hope you enjoy the story. Some friends made funny face while acting their role there =) Aceh team also performed dancing, singing, and presentating food. Don’t miss it on next blog post!


Once upon a time there lived a couple of dragon living on a remote island that was located not far from the south coast of Aceh. Those dragons had extraordinary power, the power to create storms, wind, and even a fire. They could also do a lot of things which couldn’t be done by ordinary people. They both actually been quite happy, but they felt lonely, because they had not been blessed with children.
Meanwhile in the ocean near the Dragon Island, a husband and wife were taking child to see the beauty of the ocean in the southern coast of Aceh. They had a beautiful baby named ‘Putri Bungsu’ literally named The Last Daughter in English. The dragons saw them and intended to wrest their baby.
Both of the dragon invaded the human boat, took their daughter and threw them out of the ocean.
They were happy that they could find a beautiful baby. They raised the baby with love.
After many years later, Putri Bungsu had grown into a beautiful young girl. She often hanging around the Dragon Island cliffs.
After playing in the garden, Putri Bungsu felt asleep but was not really sleeping. She laid her body to relieve her fatigue. The dragon couple came and found their daughter was sleeping. The female dragon talked to her husband that she was terrified Putri Bungsu would find the truth: Putri Bungsu was a human. The male dragon encouraged his wife, he said he would drive away every man approaching their island.
Putri Bungsu began to realize that she and her parents were different, she was human and they were dragons, she was confused about her identity. Putri Bungsu was sad so she played mirror on a cliff of Dragon Island, hoping that it could cure her grief and could someday lead her to discover the truth herself.
Meantime, the reflection of light from the mirror was seen by some fishermen who sailed around the southern coast of Aceh. They were amazed finding a beautiful young girl at that Dragon Island. They rushed and went home to spread the news widely to the village. 
The rumors about the beautiful princess in the Dragon Island were scattered all over Aceh and eventually reached to the human couple’s ears. The real Putri Bungsu's mother believed her daughter still was alive somewhere.
When the fishermen ate at the human couple place, they talked about the princess at Dragon Island. The couple heared that news and hope that princess was truely their lost daughter. The wife told the story to the fishermen that her daughter was kidnapped by the dragon. The husband asked the fishermen to accompany him to the island. The fishermen were agree.
The wife farewelled his husband and hoped he would come back safely when he found their daughter.
They set off together. Arriving to Dragon Island, the father himself went down from the fishermen's boat to find his daughter.
            At the cliff’s peak, the father found his daughter, Putri Bungsu. She was shocked and frightened at the first time. Her father proved that she was truly his daughter by telling her that she had twin birthmarks on her right hand. She believed it because it was true!
They were hugging each other. The father persuaded her to go home together and found her mother. He said,” Hurry, don’t wait until the dragons find us. Let’s go home! Your mother will be happy seeing the grown up you, my beautiful daughter!”
 Finally, they went the fishermen’s boat and soon sailed away.
Unfortunately, the couple dragon knew that their daughter was taken off by human. They got really angry.
The dragon attacked the boat with their magic storm. The boat’s passengers were frightened to die because the boat was going to sink. 
Seeing that condition, Putri Bungsu was upset. She said to her father,”Maybe this time we are not destined to be together. I will jump to the sea to dampen the dragon’s anger.”
The father soon prevented his daughter’s action but he was too late. Putri Bungsu had jumped to the ocean.
While the dragon kept trying to chase the fishermen’s boat and sunk it, Putri Bungsu prevented them. She promised to live with the dragon forever. She begged them to release the fishermen’s boat from the tantrum.
In the other place, a hermit met the wife and asked why she was looked worry. "I'm waiting my husband home from the Dragon Island," she answered.
The husband finally came home and met his wife. He told her everything he had going through. The wife was sad she could not meet her daughter. The hermit asked them what was going on. The husband told all stories of the kidnapping to him. After listening to his story, the hermit intended helping them to get their daughter back. Even the husband already told him that the dragons were very cruel, the hermit still wanted to help them. He said that God told him so. The husband and wife were very thankful to him.
The hermit went to the Dragon Island to challenge the dragons and retook the daughter. He bravely fought the dragon.
A fierce battle began. Both the dragons and the hermit fought each other at their strongest. At the end of the fight, the hermit set his foot down and did flung the dragons. The dragons hit a steep cliff. Instantly the dragons were dead. Putri Bungsu went out from her hiding. The hermit asked her to go home and meet her parents. They went home together. Putri Bungsu lived with her parents happily live after.

That's the end of the story. Reputedly, the place where the hermit and the dragons fought at has imprint, especially the hermit’s foot imprint, that can be seen at Mount Lampu. Right at that place, a port named Tapak Tuan (hermit’s foot imprint) has been built.


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