April 21, 2013


*waking up from bed*
Hoahmmm! I was just woken up by my phone alarm. I stayed up late because I edited soooo many photos on my camera’s card last night. What kind of photos? It is about my three days class trip to Pari Island. We had a great time there. We played games and cooked our meal ourselves. In addition, we played poker all day long in our (so much) spare time. Hehehe!
We also took thousand pictures. These are my favorite photos from yesterday’s trip. Prepare your fingers to keep scrolling down your mouse or track pad because it will be a very long post. Don’t forget to read the photos’ caption too ya dear!

We had arrived at Muara Angke Port to begin our journey at 5 a.m. However, the boat departed to Pari Island at 7 a.m. 
Muara Angke's dawn scenery
Another boat view after we finally sat on our own boat
This is what we did in the boat. If we were bored, we would...
This was the beautiful Pasir Perawan (kalau dipaksain ke inggris jadi "Virgin Sand" ;p) Beach at Pari Island.
We all were playing games to find coins. "Stand! Squat! Pick the coin!"
preparing the other games
Our leader class captured in front of the beach. It was a very pretty small island.
After going to Pasir Perawan Beach, next day, we were going... snorkeling! Yeay!
This was the dock scenery before we catched the boat to do snorkeling.
The snorkeling tools preparation mode: on.
Our boat were ready to accompany us.
"Are you ready kids?" "Aye-aye, Captain!" "I can't hear you?" "Aye-aye, Captain!"
the beautiful coral reefs
The other couple group were spotted while enjoying the beauty. 
Those couple's boat sailed in the romantic wide ocean.
us, before leaving Pari Island
another tourist's boat


Heather.S said...

wow - what fantastic photos! Wish I could visit there myself one day ^^


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Looks like so much fun! Gorgeous photos x