April 13, 2013


                Finally, it's time for the Batak team. They performed singing, dancing and playing a drama. Ulos was the key costume of the performances. Yup, Ulos is North Sumatra’s traditional fabric. Curious about the performances? Here, we go!


singing Mejuah-Juah song a loud

Tor-tor Dance



Once upon a time, in Sidagordogor Panguruan forest, there lived a husband named Guru Hatahutan and his wife, Nasindak Panaluan. After seven years of waiting, they finally had twin children. They was really upset because people in their region believed twin children meant disaster. They named the boy Aji Donda Hatautan and the girl Tapi Nauasan.
After seven days of giving birth, they took their children to the husband's nephew and asked for his help to prepare the baptizing.
The ritual leader baptized Guru's children. This ritual called by Martutu Aek.
After Martutu Aek, the ritual leader gave an advice to Guru and his wife. He said the couple should separate their children away. If they didn't, there would be a disaster coming to their region.
Because of their love toward to their children, Guru Hatahutan and Nasindak Panaluan could not separate their children.
Day by day, month by month, year by year, both Aji and Tapi were growing up together.
Gradually, regardless the fact that they were brother and sister, they were falling in love to each other.
One day, they went to the forest to look for some firewood. In the middle of the forest, they unconsciously did a forbidden relationship.
They finally realized that they had had broke God's command. After few months, Tapi confessed to her brother that she was pregnant. Hearing that news, Aji didn't sorry at all because they had to take the result for what they had done. Aji drectly decided to built a house in the middle of the forest and didn't go home.
While walking in the forest, Tapi saw a beautiful fruit. She asked Aji to take the fruit for her. Aji undertook his sister's request. Aji climbed a tree, plucked the fruit and threw it to Tapi. After Tapi did bite the fruit once...
...suddenly Aji sculpted in the tree. Seeing that, Tapi felt anxious and yelled at him what had happened. She ran and approached to her brother. Unfortunately, she straight away became a sculpt too in the same tree. Aji and Tapi's dog was barking at them. Because its owners didn't answer, it did bite the Ulos (fabric worn by Tapi) and brought it home.
Guru and his wife were shocked when they found the dog coming to them with only Ulos in its mouth. They followed the dog that was running to the forest. They anxiously yelled their children's name to find them. 
They finally saw their children sculpted in a tree. Guru's wife were crying a loud.
Nasindak asked the shaman for helping her children back to human.
A shaman and the six others: Datu Hulu Pajang Nauli, Datu Pajar Bulan Nalil Buselsus, Guru Manga Terporang, Datu Sanggar Mulung, Datu Upas Mangalele, Guru Sanggar Pangarurang were trying to help Aji and Tapi. Unluckily, the first five shaman was failed. They were glued and became a sculpting in that tree too.
There was Guru Sanggar Pangarurang left. She asked Opung mulajadi na bolon (the tree's spirit) what they supposed to do. Opung mulajadi na bolon said, "Cut down the tree and carve the same as their own pictures. Make it a stratified stick that is useful for you to beg to me whatever you need. Named it "Tunggal Panaluan" as the picture of man above and man on earth. Dance with the stick with tor-tor seven cups.". Guru Sanggar obeyed the command. She also did solace Guru and his wife to allow their children's destiny. Tongkat Tunggal Panaluhan had a great power. People believed it could keep out the rain, bring rain, cure diseases, etc. to remember the presence of the seven people who became part of the stick, magical dances like  Tortor Tujuh Cawan and Tortor Tukkot Tunggal Panaluan was made.

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