April 10, 2013


            Another day for Budaya Nusantara class. This time the show was for both of Batak and Minang team. The Batak team wore North Sumatera’s traditional fabric, Ulos. They brought some foods too like Arsik Fish and mashed vegetables. The fish tasted good but the vegetables tasted so bitter. Hahaha! The Minang team (I was in this group) also wore traditional costume. The boys wore destar (the headpiece), super shiny and bright yellow kurung dress, and the beautiful red songket. The girls generally wore the same kind of outfit except for the headpiece, it named tengkuluk. The foods we brought were satay padang, rendang, and taluo tea. Taluo tea was made by mixing tea and hot boiled egg at the same time and was stirred together. How was it taste? Yeah, you can guess yourself hihi. We also made passion fruit syrup, the same beverage as Batak team, for the food companion (because we only served limited Taluo tea). Fyi, I was wearing boy's costume because there was only two girls' costume lol.
            Curious about Minang and Batak’s performances? Wait for more following post!

The Batak team
lapet (contained coconut), Nani Arsik, rice and passion fruit syrup on Mrs. Woro's table
Arsik Fish or Nani Arsik and mashed vegetables
eating a  small plate of Arsik Fish together
my beautiful destar
got a big help from a friend. Thank Erlinel!
Who dares drinking Talua Tea?
Can you find where am I?
eating lapet
Anut-Dhomas-Me. Dhomas was wearing three different traditional costumes: blangkon, Ulos, and kurung dress at once. Weird ya? Hahahaha
two teams with Mrs. Woro in one frame
free style, cheeeeeeeeezeeeeeeeeeee!!!


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Tie itulu pake yang cowok? *ngakak*

Marsela Christie said...

iyeee -___-