April 16, 2013


Lately, I have been posting about my Budaya Nusantara Class. This is one of three subjects I learn at college this semester. It is a fun lesson you know. We have to make a group (randomly picked) and perform the ethnic group that we already get randomly too. After middle test, we still have to perform. Well, this is the first group performance. They got Java, Sunda, Madura regions. Fyi, they sewed the dress (vest, ya?) (worn by four boys playing jaranan dance) their selves. So creative! This is the backstage. Enjoy the photos! :)

the pretty boy. Fiercely smizeeee!!!
reading script before the show
amateur make up, not bad result :)
Java (the boys wearing vest), Sunda (the girl) and Madura (kurung dress with red stripes t-shirt inside)
the property, kuda-kudaan (hobbyhorse)
Satay Madura.. YUUUUMMMMM!!!
Satay Madura peanut sauce
grassjelly ice... Give me one more please....
Indonesian snack. You can call it as jajanan pasar~
Gudeg Yogya <3
clockwise: satay Madura - Gudeg (in spoon) - tempe bacem - Jakarta's incredible gado-gado - boiled egg in gudeg
the boys were trying to make editorial faces lol
with Mrs. Woro

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