April 17, 2013


;         This is part two of Java, Sunda, Madura team’s performance post. The performance was pretty good and amusing. They performed Madura and Jaranan dance, singing, also playing a drama. The costume was good. However, the jaranan dancers wore the fabric in a wrong way. The lecture said they actually wore Bali’s style not Java’s style. Hehehe, but it was still quite okay for me. I still enjoyed the Jaranan song (and the simple movement dance, certainly!). They played a well-known legend, Aji Saka. Enjoy the post!

Madura dance

Singing Prau Layar, Tokecang, Gundul-Gundul Pacul, Cublak-Cublak Suweng, Tanduk Majeng songs

Jaranan dance

  The Legend of Ajisaka  

Once upon a time, there lived a handsome warrior named Aji Saka. He had a supernatural power and things like magical keris and turban. He who was a humble man had two loyal servants from Majethi Kingdom called by Dora (left) and Sembadha (right). One day, Dora and Sembadha was talking about their master's purpose. They guessed which one of them that would be accompanied by their master wandered over countries.
They finally asked that query to Aji Saka's wife. Aji Saka's wife was suprised about that query because she didn't know that her husband would have a journey.
She asked the truth to Aji Saka. Aji Saka finally revealed his intend to go over the countries for uncertainty time. His wife was crying. However, she let go her husband to go. Aji Saka also already received his father's permission.
"As you know, I'm going to go wander and look around other countries to increase knowledge. Because only you two who I believe then I give two different tasks. I believe Uncle Dora to accompany me to travel and Uncle Sembadha I trust to keep Majethi while I was away. How about that?" asked Aji Saka. "Uncle Sembadha, I entrust all the treasures and royal heritage in your hands. Remember. Don't give the royal heritage to anyone except me who took it," Aji Saka continued.
In the other hand, there lived a king named Dewata Cengkar. He requested a meal for himself to his vice regent. The vice regent directly gave him a meal cooked by a chef in the kingdom's kitchen. Then, Dewata Cengkar ate it all.
"Hmmm... This meal made by the cook is so delicious. I am wondered why. What is the secret recipe?" the King was so curious.
He called the cook to answer his question. The cook was honestly said that there was her blood that coincidentally spilled to the meal while she accidentally got her finger cut.
"A few drops of blood had already made the soup so delicious. How if I eat human flesh? That must be more delicious than this soup. Vice regent, start from tomorrow, please find some delicious human flesh for me," commanded Dewata Cengkar. Eventually ,every day the vice regent found a man to be served as meals to the King. And from that time also, the people of Medang Kamulan region felt fear and began to leave the kingdom Medang Kamulan.
In the other place, Dora and Aji Saka finally came to an island.
They was so confused why the island was so empty, there was no people there.
In a village they met a thirsty old man. Aji Saka gave his beverage to him. The old man asked them why they were here and were not moving on to the other place. Aji Saka was shocked about the query. He asked the old man to tell him what was really happened. The old man told him about Dewata Cengkar story. After listening to him, Aji Saka intended to stop The Dewata Cengkar's tyranny.
Both immediately proceeded towards the royal palace Medang Kamulan. They met the vice regent whom were bringing two victims.
"Are you really want to sacrifice yourself to our king, young man? Try to think twice," said the vice regent. "Yes, I am. However, the King should fulfill my request," answer Aji Saka.
The victims were free.
 Instead, Aji Saka and Dora were detained.
In the palace, King Dewata Cengkar straightly happy seeing Aji Saka and Dora. He thought they deserved more to be his servants than to be eaten. He was listening to Aji Saka requirements. "I ask for a land having the same large as my turban," said Aji Saka. "Ho...Ho...Ho... That's it? Okay. That is a very simple requirement," laughed Dewata Cengkar.
In the palace yard, Aji Saka started to open his turban to be measured. He asked Dewata Cengkar to hold the end of the tuban. "Sir, please hold the tip of the turban. I will hold the other end. The first boundary is the land I step on and the end is all along this turban. Do not stop until the turban can no longer be withdrawn." Aji Saka began to open his turban.
Dewata Cengkar pulled the turban. He stepped back, stepped back, and stepped back. Nevertheless, the turban were still slack. He realized that he was fooled, but he still kept the promise. Then, he finally end up in the edge of a cliff. Aji Saka did pound the turban so Dewata Cengkar fell down from the cliff and plunged to Pantai Selatan sea. Dewata Cengkar turned into a white crocodile.
The vice regent so happy because of the freedom. He appointed Aji Saka as a king of Medang Kamulan. Aji Saka ruled the Medang Kamulan wisely so that kingdom became safe and prosper. 
After a long time, he remembered his keris that was guarded by Sembadha in Majethi. He asked Dora to fetch Sembadha and give that magical keris to him back.
Dora immediately sailed to Majethi. Then, he met Sembadha. They hugged each other. 
Dora told Sembadha that he had to leave Majethi and bring the keris to Aji Saka. However, Sembadha didn't want to obey Dora's words. He said he didn't take order except from his master, Aji Saka. Because they believed on their faith, they finally had a fight.
The fight brought death to both of them. After hearing this news, Aji Saka was so sad. For recalling Dora and Sembadha's loyalty, he carved some sentences on a stone. It was "Hanacaraka datasawala, padhajayanya magabathanga." (there were envoys quarreled, equally powerful equally be dead)


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