April 11, 2013


            Wohoo, it’s time to Minang’s show. We already prepared our performance one week before the show. We practiced almost every day and got exhausted most time. Nevertheless, we were so happy doing this! :) We chose to exercise Indang dance from Minang. It actually needed some tambourines as the instrument. Since the quantity of tambourines was not enough, we decided not to use them. We also sang Kampuang Nan Jauh Di Mato. Besides singing and dancing, we prepared our drama too. It was about the origin name of Minangkabau. You can enjoy the drama storyline below. However, one thing that you should be bolded and underlined is this drama isn’t purposely for education, but only for entertainment. Because it was made by the colonialist to divisive one region to another, the story couldn’t be trusted for real. The truth is that Majapahit and Pagaruyung (two opposite kingdom in this story) were a brotherhood kingdom. So, here they are our performances!

One day, there lived a king in the Kingdom of Pagaruyung. The King suddenly received a letter from unknown telling that the Kingdom of Majapahit would send a representative and attack his kingdom. He was so confused. He didn't want to have any war that would cause bloodshed. Moreover, a war in Pagaruyung would destroy his Kingdom itself. His confidants, Datuk Tuo and Datuk Parpati gave their best opinion to face Majapahit's war plan. Finally, The King accepted Datuk Parpati's advice for making a negotiation with Majapahit. He told both Datuk to prepare all what they needed.
Datuk Tuo (played by me wearing fake moustache hihihi) and Datuk Parpati welcomed the Majapahit's representative whom finally came to Pagaruyung. They pretended  they didn't know that Majapahit would attack their kingdom. They served the representative well with food and beautiful girl to make him happy.
The representative felt suspisious a little bit and confused because he who intended to attack Pagaruyung was being served well. However, he still enjoyed the food from Pagaruyung.
Finally The King came and asked the representative what was his purpose coming to Pagaruyung.
"I want to attack your Kingdom!" said the representative straightly.
"Well, I have other option to prevent war and bloodshed between us. How about arranging a negotiation? How about if we have a buffalo match?" offered The King.
"Hmm..." the representative was thinking so long. "Okay! I agree. But I have one condition. If I win, Pagaruyung has to given to Majapahit. However, if I lose, I shall return to Majapahit with peace. How about that?"
"Yes, I agree. Is there another condition?"
Datuk Tuo thought hard how Paguruyung could win this match from Majapahit. He had a brilliant idea. He chose a calf that was still being breastfeeding  by its mother. Then, he put a little knife on its head.
On the other hand, the Majapahit's representative chose a big and healthy buffalo. He swaggered himself that he would win this match after seeing Paguruyung's small buffalo.
The match was begun. Everyone was watching the match. Two buffalos were fighting each other. Suddenly, the Paguruyung's calf felt so hungry . It saw the opponent's buffalo belong to Majapahit and thought that buffalo was its mother. It was immediately hitting the big buffalo and trying to get the milk. The big buffalo for few times was punctures by the knife put on the calf's head.
At the end, the big buffalo was dead.
The representative was very upset and saw there was an unfair match. He protested why the Pagaruyung's calf wearing knife on its head. Datuk Tuo defended that the knife thing had not been existed in the agreement, so it was legal to wear any knife. Pagaruyung's people was very happy for the victory and yelling, "Manang kabau! Manang Kabau!" That words meant a winning buffalo. Finally, the Pagaruyung won and Majapahit returned back to their kingdom.

Kampuang Nan Jauh Di Mato song. A little bit hard to memorize the lyric hehehe :p

Indang Dance

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