April 8, 2013


Which one of you who never being lucky? I bet nobody has no lucky experience. I’m sure you all have at least one, two, or even more lucky experience. For the example, lucky is identic with getting free thing like shopping voucher, concert ticket, travelling ticket, or free shoes or clothes etc. Do you know that you don’t have to wait your lucky opportunity to come but just make it happen instead?

1.     As we know, luck happens when a chance meets readiness. Luck comes unexpectedly but it often comes when we plan it. Write your wish and short term, medium term, long term plan to achieve it on a piece of paper as many as you can. Glue the paper on the place where you can see it every single day, like in front of your mirror. It is useful to motivate you to do what you have planned. When the chance to pursue your plan comes, you’ll be ready to execute it. Do not hesitate to open every new opportunity widely. Your plan will be succeed, and this is how I call as lucky! :)

2.     Luck is coming as the feedback from what you give to someone else. I watched a tv show yesterday. A handsome scavenger (a nickname for him from the housemaids around him, even the tv show audience at first mistakenly guessed him as a celebrity hihihi) named Wahyu successfully educated himself until college. Wow, how could he do it? He scavenged everyday, earned no much money on his pocket but he could go to college? Yeah, he did it! He told to the tv show, one day, when he scavenged like always, he saw the orphan and the widow and intended to help them. Then, he thought a small social action. He sold so many fried snack (or gorengan in Bahasa) made by his mother (a farmer) to the residence where he usually scavenged. He told the residence people that the price was Rp750,00: Rp500,00 for the sales price, Rp250,00 for the social donation. What happened next? He collected fourteen million rupiah! Wow. He said the surplus was unexpected because the residence people even paid the snack more than the actual price. After the social donation that went well, someone amazingly offered Wahyu to cover him some money for his college fee. He was very happy because his dream was being a college student. He said if he had not helped the orphan and the widow, maybe there wouldn't be someone covering the college fee. Now, in 2013, his goal is going to the college, but in fact, he is about finishing his last semester of college right now! What a miracle of giving!

Source: mytranstv.com

3.     Luck more often comes to optimistic people. Don’t you believe it?  Optimistic people always look for another way if they don’t succeed on something. They never give up for things they crave for. They always try to find the solution when facing a bad luck. Moreover, they can find any chance to solve the bad luck so they can turn it into the good luck. The optimists always believe on their guts and hunches. They really know what to do meanwhile others think merely the dead end.

Source: jpegy.com

4.     Luck is about perspective, how we see things coming around us. Therefore, it is relative, isn’t it? I give you a short story. A girl named A goes to fashion school because her parents force her to. However, her dream is being a full time student in management school. Meanwhile, another girl, named B, who goes to management school desperately tries to pursue her dream to go to fashion school. Nevertheless, her parents never entirely agree with her passion. Who is lucky anyway? Or who is unlucky? Overall, it is about changing your mindset! We have to thank God whatever He already gives to us for not only the bad and the good things happening in our life also for what we have and what we don’t have. As human being, we can’t deny that we will never be satisfied for what we already achieve. We always try to pursue other wish while the other has already granted. It is not wrong, but you have to see the limit between keeping on working your dream or being greedy.

So, after reading this long post, what do you think? Do you already understand that you can make your own luck? Oh well, I think I see you are nodding your head now hehe :) Keep making your own luck!

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