May 24, 2013


        What is the interesting thing of watching fashion show for you? For me, it is not as casual as watching the show, it is about breathing the new inspiration from the catwalk. Perhaps, as the guest, we just sit and do nothing while the show run. Yup, that is true. We enjoy the show, don’t we? Nevertheless, my mind thinks so fast and records what happens on stage. I feel the air of the show when I see new things coming such as new design (in cutting, embellished thing), new color, new fashion show, cool music etc, the whole brand new concept that never really been existed before or I’ve not seen and thought it yet.
       One of the cool fashion shows is Hussein Chalayan’s show. The level of awesomeness overload there. At the beginning, the show was started by a group of black outfit worn by the model from Paris Fashion Week 2013. Then, the colorful dresses were coming one by one. And then…. Yup, the ones attracting me (and the media of course!): a dress magically could turn into two dresses in one wear! The model wearing the dress fiercely ripped off her dress like saying: “Okay, I’ve finished going to my friend’s birthday. Now, I have to be rush on attending dinner at French restaurant with my boyfriend. But how could come that possible? Relax, just walk fast and rip the dress!”
           A very smart collection by the hand of Chalayan! (bow down)

Gif Pics: Dewi Magazine
Four Pics in One: De Zeen Magazine

Source: Vogue. See the whole collection here!

May 17, 2013


         Have you ever watched First Knight? In this 1995 movie, Julia Ormond plays the role as Lady Guinevere of Leoness, who is set to marry her love, King Arthur (Sean Connery) but she becomes captured by the evil Malagant. The newly arrived knight Launcelot(Richard Gere) saves her (a couple of times) and she starts to love him as well.  This film costume inspires me to make my latest design with braid. The gown is made in gold color and modern nuance. Even I add pink hair color to make some shocking things. I imagine if the supermodel Laura Muljadi wear this gown. So, I color the skin brown :)

the inspiration (source: google)

May 16, 2013


             It is finally relieving. After a long time never-ending budaya nusantara class, we (me and my team) performed the last tribe: Minahasa, Timor, Flores and Maluku. We all wore do-it-yourself  Minahasa costume that time. The boy wore black shirt and pants glued with DIY suspender and silver hat. The girl wore white kebaya and pleated long skirt. Feeling familiar with the face? Yep, the team was the same team as Dayak and Banjar performance. Check out here to see not only the ethnic costume but also awesome face and body painting!

le presentating~
Yummy, Manado Porridge made by Sari and Indah
with coconut ice

  The Origin of Kolintang  

Once upon a time, in Tondano, North Sulawesi, there lived a beautiful girl named Lintang (roled by a boy haha)
Every man in Tondano was mesmerized by her beauty. They dreamed to be her husband.
Until one day, a man named Makasiga braced himself to greet Lintang in a party for Tondano's youth. in Tondano. Makasiga was happy to know Lintang deeper, and so was Lintang.
Both of Lintang and Makasiga had a deeper relationship. Since Makasiga had been falling in love to Lintang for a long time, he intended to propose his love. Lintang was so surprised yet happy. However, she had a demand: Makasiga should give her a music instrument that had a more melodious tone than a gold flute.
Finally, Makasiga gave her a music instrument. Nevertheless, that instrument was not the one Lintang desired.
Makasiga went to the forest to find the best music instrument. He was exhausted to find one. He decided to take a rest and dried some firewoods. When he threw the dried woods, those things tuned so melodious. He arranged those woods and cut them out. Then, the new music instrument was made. He believed this instrument would make Lintang accepted his proposal. Unknowingly, two hunters did hear the instrument Makasiga played. They firstly mistakenly guessed Makasiga as a ghost.
Those two hunters asked what Makasiga had done in the forest in the middle of night. "I was looking for a music instrument for my girl, Lintang. I have been neither drinking nor eating until I find one," answered Makasiga. The two hunters were astonished. They asked him to went home to Kelabat Atas with them. Since Makasiga was so weak to walk, a hunter did crutch him.
When they came to Kelabat Atas, Makasiga was already in agony. Two village women were late to save his life. He said,"Please, bring this instrument to Lintang and convey my regards to her." Then, he died.
The hunter came to Tondano to deliver Makasiga's message and give the instrument to Lintang. Lintang was so surprised that Makasiga had sacrificed himself for her for merely a music instrument. She was crying a loud. Since she was fallen in a deep sadness, Lintang was attacked by a serious disease and was died later on.

dancing Poco-Poco

Singing traditional songs: Waktu Hujan Sore-Sore, Sayang Si Patokaan, Potong Bebek Angsa, Rasa Sayange, Mana Di Mana Anak Kambing Saya. We often forgot the lyrics and the choreography haha


Bugis traditional costume
Toraja traditional costume
Mandar (pink) and Makassar (red) traditional costumes
Cheeze :) (taken from Putra's camera)
The boys wore Bugis costume
role play drama: the tourist and the local guide
es pisang ijo

Read a Mandar's literature: patriotism poem named Kalindaqdaq Pettomuaneang

Sang a Bugis song: Indo Logo

The girls danced Bosara dance from Bugis

The boys danced Gandrang Bulo dance from Makassar. It is a very funny dance :)

May 10, 2013


Papua in action!
Salsa wore cheongsam :)
The delicious Oolong tea. I drank two glasses hehehe!
Fu Yung Hai

Dancing Sajojo

Singing Yamko Rambe Yamko

The girls were dancing Tian Mi Mi

Hunting Dance

A bonus funny video :))

  The Love Story of Eng Tay and Sam Pek  

One day in Zhejiang, China, there lived a beautiful young girl named Eng Tay. She was always accompanied with her nanny, Lin Ce.
Eng Tay was always enthusiastic for having an education. In that time, girls could not go to school boys. They merely stayed at home. Eng Tay thought hardly how to make it happen and convince her parents to allow her.
Eng Tay pretended to be an oracle. Lin Ce helping her pretended to be the sick Eng Tay. Mister Zhu, Eng Tay's father was very sad to see her daughter. The oracle said to Mister Zhu that he had to allow Eng Tay go out of town for having school.
Mister Zhu sooner knew that the man behind the oracle was his daughter. Eng Tay begged her father to allow her to go out town. She also said that she would pretend as a man to be fused with the other student. With a heavy heart, Mister Zhu allowed her.
In her new school, Eng Tay pretending as a boy met someone named Sam Pek. They got closer and closer day by day.
They were always together. Sam Pek considers Eng Tay as his little brother. However, Eng Tay unknowingly had a crush on Sam Pek.
One day, Eng Tay asked for her teacher's permission to go back to her hometown because her father was sick. She gave her teacher a traditional handheld fan so he could give it later on to Sam Pek. She also told the teacher about the truth: she was a girl.
She didn't forget to ask for Sam Pek's permission. Sam Pek was sad hearing that news. Eng Tay was giving Sam Pek some signs that she was actually a girl. However, Sam Pek didn't realize it.
The teacher gave Sampek Eng Tay's fan. Sam Pek was so surprised knowing that Eng Tay was a girl from his teacher. He was so happy. He spurred his horse away to meet Eng Tay.
When Eng Tay went home, she was shocked that her father actually pretended to be sick. Mister Zhu told her that he and Eng Tay's mother was truely missed her very much. Unfortunately, Eng Tay had not been gone home. So, he planned this to bring Eng Tay home.
Eng Tay was more shocked to know that she would be married with a man named Ma Wencai. She directly refused it and told her parents that she loved someone else, Sam Pek.
Sam Pek finally met Eng Tay. He directly proposed his love. Nevertheless, Eng Tay said to him that she could not accept the proposal because she was matched to other man by her parents and could do nothing to change it. Sam Pek was so angry. He thought that Eng Tay had forgotten him and preferred to choose someone else richer than himself. He left Eng Tay and went back to his home.
Since that incident, Sam Pek often got drunk. He forgot to sleep and eat. He was burst into a deep sadness.
His parent was so sad too and asked what happened to him. Sam Pek could only answer Eng Tay's name.
Sam Pek's parent finally visited Eng Tay's house. They asked Mister Zhu to allow Eng Tay came and visit Sam Pek. However, Mister Zhu refused the demand.
With a sorrowful heart, Eng Tay could only gave them love poems and a lump of her hair to be given to Sam Pek.
Sam Pek's condition was getting worse. He asked to be buried in the way along Eng Tay's wedding parade if he die. Then, Sam Pek die.
In the other place, Eng Tay was prepared for her wedding with the man her parent had chosen. Mister Zhu was accelerated the wedding date because Eng Tay was so miserable and crying everyday after hearing the Sam Pek's death news. Before the wedding, she asked Mister Zhu to allow her to visit Sam Pek's grave.
When she came to the grave, with a sad heart she said, "Sam Pek, believe me that you are the only one I love. I don't want to marry anyone else except you. If you hear me, please bring me to you." Suddenly, wind blew so hard and rain fell so swift. In the middle of the storm, Sam Pek's grave was split into two. Eng Tay jumped down to that grave. The grave was closed. Eng Tay was lost.
The situation came back sunny like there was nothing wrong. Lin Ce was crying a loud for Eng Tay. Suddenly, over the grave, there were two butterflies emerges. Lin Ce was believed that the butterflies were Eng Tay and Sam Pek's incarnation. and they finally could be happily together.