May 6, 2013


It’s time to rock Bali! Who doesn’t know Bali anyway? It is a province that is famous not only the beach beauty but also the culture richness all over the world. This time, my Bali team at Budaya Nusantara class was already prepared for their performances. Curious? Let’s check it out!

The food theory
Sate lilit
Coconut ice with lemon


Singing Jangi Janger, a very relaxing song I think :)

Dancing Kecak dance with some additional funny movements there =))


Once upon a time, a small kingdom in the north of the island of Bali named kingdom Wanekeling Kalianget was attacked by a deadly mysterious disease. Every people in that kingdom was attacked includes the little family of Jayaprana.
Jayaprana's father, mother, and sister were dead while they were sleeping. The little I Nyoman Jayaprana was so sad.
The king was visiting his people while he found Jayaprana alone. Jayaprana reminded him about his child that was also dead because of the disease. Hence, he adopted Jayaprana to be his son.
Year by year, Jayaprana had grown up. Therefore, he was prepared to undergo a ceremony named Metatah or Mesanggih to cut six canine teeth. It is a must ritual in Bali until nowaday.
Metatah or Mesanggih ceremony
Ten years later, Jayaprana had grown up to be a handsome man. The King intended to marry him with the palace's ladies-in-waiting . However, Jayaprana wanted to look for his own mate outside the palace.
One day, he met a girl named Layonsari. She was very beautiful that Jayaprana straightly fell in love with her.
Layonsari's family was invited to the kingdom. In that time, Jayaprana proposed Layonsari.
Unknowingly, there was love growing in the King's heart to the beautiful Layonsari. He that used to be a wise man changed into a ruthless man. He told his vice regent to kill Jayaprana so he can marry Layonsari.
One week after the marriage between Jayaprana and Layonsari, the vice regent came to their house. He told Jayaprana that Jayaprana had ordered by the King to lead the palace group to Teluktrima. He was ordered to investigate the destroyed boat and the Bajo people that shooted animals in Pengulon. Layonsari was so sad, however she wholeheartedly did farewell her husband.
The day after, in Teluktrima, suddenly the vice regent attacked Jayaprana. Since Jayaprana had a greater power, he always won. In that time, the vice regent told him the truth that the King wanted to kill Jayaprana. The vice regent gave Jayaprana the King murder letter. "Hai engkau Jayaprana, manusia tiada berguna. Berjalan berjalanlah engkau. Akulah menyuruh membunuh kau. Dosamu sangat besar. Kau melampaui tingkah raja. Istrimu sungguh milik orang besar, kuambil kujadikan istri raja. Serahkanlah jiwamu sekarang. Jangan engkau melawan. Layonsari jangan kaukenang. Kuperistri hingga akhir jaman." Jayaprana was so desperate.
Eventually, as the proof of loyalty he had, Jayaprana gave his keris that will be the only weapon that could kill him to the vice regent. He told the vice regent to tell his death to Layonsari. Then, the vice regent killed Jayaprana with a burdened heart. Jayaprana was dead. His blood spurted, but it smelled good. After he was buried, the palace group came home with a sad heart.
In the way of going home, the palace group met a white tiger.
The white tiger attacked them all.
The vice regent was dead killed by that tiger.
The death of Jayaprana arrived to the King's ears. He was so happy and directly came to Layonsari house.
The King told Layonsari the truth of Jayaprana. He not only showed her the keris with Jayaprana's blood but also asked her to be his wife. She was falling in tears. She was crying for her husband's death. She took the keris away and stabbed it into her heart. She was dead but her body released a good smell to the Kingdom's region until the place where Jayaprana's funeral. The people carried Layonsari’s body to be placed next to Jayaprana’s so they could be together forever. The vice regent’s body too was also buried in that place as the symbol of loyalty of a servant.

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Yulia Rahmawati said...

woaahhh, cool story through modern pictures :)
by the way I would love to try the coconut ice with lemon from Bali