May 2, 2013


          Budaya Nusantara class is not stopping yet. So, prepare yourself to read another tribe of Indonesia. This time, I invite you to visit Borneo or Kalimantan Island that is famous with Dayak tribe. I will post not only Dayak, but also Banjar. I joined into this group anyway, you can find me later hihihi :) Our costume was made by ourselves. We bought the materials less more three meters of black cotton. First, we cut it out to cover the shorts for eight boys and the head bond. Secondly, we glued it with motif patterns from gold and red shiny papers. The boys’ costume wore a big headpiece made from arranged big leaves stapled on the black cotton. Their face also painted with red, black, and white color. (I and my friends painted them! My first experience! :)) How about their body? The make up artist team (red: us) splashed the paint to their bodies freely yet artistic. Meanwhile, the girls wore a DIY t-shirt that was tricked into a Dayak motif vest. The skirt was also studded with the motif. How colorful!

The smize boy Dhomas. Make up by me :)
Gilang. Make up by me :)
Anut. Make up by me :)
Jiro :)
Hamdani =))
Roni! B))
Full body costume!
The girls: Sari - Me - Indah :)
Lidah buaya ice mixed with syrup and soda made by Indah and Sari. So fresh! :)
Soto Banjar. Ups, forgot to put the perkedel in it, sorry :)
fried banana with sugar-apple jam
Ocir - Hamdani - Jeki wearing drama property - Roni


Hunting Wild Boar

singing Paris Barantai, Saputangan Babuncu Ampat, and... the famous Ampar-Ampar Pisang :)

 The Legend of Gold Watermelon  
(Halah, legenda semangka emas! Hahaha)

One day, there were a brotherhood, Muzakir (black costume worn by Ali) and Dermawan (Ocir). Muzakir and Dermawan had a different attitude. Muzakir was so stingy, while Dermawan was so generous.
Suddenly, their father (Dhomas) and the lawyer (Roni wore mask) came to them. The father was about sharing his legacy to his sons. Both of Muzakir and Dermawan got many legacy.
After giving the legacy, the father was dead.
The day after, three beggars came to Muzakir's luxurious house to ask for food, but Muzakir and his wife rejected and insulted them.
Then, those beggars came to Dermawan's luxurious house too. However, Dermawan welcomed them warmly. He also gave them food, drink, and some money. After that, he realized that there was no money left in his pocket. He became poor and sold his big house.
Dermawan bought a small house to live. meanwhile, his brother, Muzakir came to visit him. Muzakir insulted him because Dermawan didn't listen to him not to give money to the poor.
After Muzakir went home, a bird unexpectedly flied around Dermawan's small house. Suddenly, it fell down because it was injured.
Seeing that poor bird, Dermawan approached it and bandaged the wound. After day by day, the bird was recovered soon. It could fly again. Not long after it went off, came back to Dermawan and brought a seed to him. Dermawan thanked the bird then planted the seed. A few days later, the seed was blooming and having so many flowers. However, there was merely one fruit that grew up. It was a big and heavy watermelon.
Dermawan brake the watermelon. He was so suprised that the watermelon contained of gold! He was so excited and thanked the bird again and again. He helped other people with his gold. Although he gave a lot, he was never be poor again.
Meantime, Muzakir had been listened about his brother's news. He was so worried that Dermawan would be a richer man than him. His wife suggested him to do the same thing like Dermawan: find a bird to be recovered.
Muzakir told his worker, Jiro, to find the bird.
Jiro hurted the bird and gave it to Muzakir.
Muzakir saw that bird and bandaged it. The bird came back to him and gave the seed  as the same as what Muzakir expected. Muzakir was so happy because he thought he would be a richer man than Dermawan. Then, he planted the seed.
It was the harvest time, Muzakir asked his wife and Jiro to help him to broke the watermelon.
He was so suprised that he found the watermelon not contained gold, but full of stinky mud. He was stressed out and ran away to the street while everybody was watching and laughing at him.


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